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The Oyster perpetual, an entry level to what exactly?

When we say the name Oyster perpetual we usually refer to it by saying that is the Rolex entry level model, but there so much more to this name that just a 3 hander sports watch. The oyster case is the foundation of Rolex, its DNA and its one of its most distinguished feature. We do take for granted that most Rolex models come in an oyster case but not so long ago was a real novelty, the case has become a hallmark many watchmakers follow. Most of the time an entry level model of anything is the simplest no features objet of a brand but there is nothing level entry about the OP, is built with the same attention to details than a Daytona (including the same case style). We tend to compare the cars and watches very often, taking this into account does it means that the Ferrari California is not a true Ferrari just because is the cheapest model? Yes sometimes cars manufacturers ( high end ones) do a marketing exercise and slap a fancy heritage name into a product to give it more of a vintage/heritage feeling to it

but this is not the case with the beloved OP, we can really trace the lineage of this watch since the beginning of the brand, in fact we can say that all of the models that were develop after ( Rolex GMT, Submariners, Daytona and Day dates) come from this so call ''entry level''. The point I am trying to make is that the OP is not an entry level watch but it is the rawest version of an iconic brand, its bare, natural and as technological advance as its bigger brothers. I was lucky to own an OP 36MM white grape as the one you see on the picture, I manage to change it for a Milgauss white dial and then a Rolex GMT Master II Black Ceramic 116710 LN which is my grail watch, I am over the moon with the later but there is a voice saying that I am missing on the most original version which offers true heritage, amazing value, indestructible capabilities and its at its technological pinnacle, it doesn't hurt the fact that is understated and classy where the GMT is flashy and brash. If this in entry level then please tell me where do I sign? People are often looking for vintage pieces for a hint of nostalgia but sometimes the real deal is right in front of us, there waiting to be worn.

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