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Luxury with creativity : The Visitor Linden

Lately I been feeling very lucky because I've been trying amazing watches, some of them are robust tool instruments and other are delicate dress pieces, basically I worn many and anyone who is as passionate as me and decides to write reviews of an obsolete hobby/object knows that everything can get a bit repetitive, but also sometimes, you get that eureka moment. I imagine that this is what happened with Phil the owner and founder of Visitor Watch Co., a moment that everything came together. Just to give a little bit of context the Visitor Linden is inspired by the passion of its creator which is writing. Writing can be a beautiful thing, craft a beautiful note to express a sentiment that can last for ages is something that not everyone is capable of, then inside writing we have calligraphy which is a form of visual art that can attract even the least interested person for its elegance and beauty, what is all this have to do with a watch?

Well a lot actually, to start, luxury goods and pens go hand and hand but for Phil and it's brand Visitor is more than that. The Linden falls into the Calligraphy range and its inspired by this amazing technique that goes back to ancient China, you can really see all the traits inside the watch, the tip of the minute hand inspired by a fountain pen, the dial which remanences wet ink and those beautiful markers look like ink drops. The whole visual effect is incredible and I will encourage you to stay with me to discover more this incredible execution.

The specifications:

The watch comes in a 39mm case, as an enthusiast you do not need me to tell you that this is the perfect size for watch, not to big and not to small. The thickness of the watch is a mere 10.5mm which houses a Miyota 9015 with a custom rotor so detailed that looks like a family crest from medieval times.

Of course the main feature of the watch is the dial, a canvas (good association word) painted with beautiful details like a crosshair in the middle and hands as radical and elegant as a nothing I ever encountered, everything on the dial looks like wet paint (very cool effect) and I imagine not an easy one to do. One of the hidden features of this watch is that it has a sandwich dial, each marker is separated by 4 lume dots making feel as precise as a Montblanc Meisterstuck Fountain pen. I promise myself that I was not going to forget to mention the lume, the Visitor name and the date disc all glow in the dark in a blue that puts into shame watches 4 times the price. You can really taste the luxurious feeling when you wind the sand blasted crown with the engraved logo at 3 o clock.

On the wrist:

With perfect proportions the watch feels incredible on the wrist, I can't believe that people are still making 40mm watches instead of 39mm but I guess that in my wrist (which is 6.25) both measures work well. I attribute this great wearabilitiy not only to the case or the thickness but also to the strap which is as well made as the rest of the watch giving the impression that it was design with the case in mind, it wasn’t something that they just thrown when the product was finished.

The strap is 20mm and tappers to 16mm with a buckle that continues the curvy calligraph motif very well, the drilled lugs are always appreciated it and the curved ends of the strap make everything flow creating that feel of unity, like everything is one piece.

Great weight and legibility complete the package, the watch doesn’t feel substantial but it also has a good presence with a lug to lug under 49mm. The monochromatic scheme of the watch makes it casual but also very elegant at the same time,

I have been wearing it at home but I imagine that in a very elegant environment the Linden will stand out proud among those Rolex Date Just and Oyster Perpetuals.


With many watches passing on my wrist this one really stuck with me, I am actually contemplating adding one to the collection, the watch comes in a radiant blue, a cool white and an amazing red oxblood (this last one is the one I am aiming for).

It was so easy to fall for it because of the details and the inspiration, it is also very different than anything on my collection and it really stands out among those simple 3 handers or even more complicated chronographs, but it does so with elegance and finesse. In a world of where brands make 44mm watches to justify high prices, the Linden is a companion that focuses on its elegance and eccentricity, it reminds me quite a bit to the United States Capitol which is a modern building using old Roman arcs, in other words to me, this watch is a perfect fusion.


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