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In Foucs: Traska (full article at

Today we are revisiting a special brand: Traska. There is a lot to be said about them. It is a company that oozes quality in almost every product they present and as watch collectors we know that this is not easy to deliver quality at a fair price. But we believe that in this case, Traska is.

The brand has a cohesive line-up with lots of options. From divers to field watches, the catalogue is impressive. It is also a brand that has a very well-established design language, you would notice that each of the pieces have a similar vibe. They get their inspiration from by vintage watches, but they are built with modern capabilities. The best of both worlds.

How it all begins?

One of the major reasons to start a brand is enthusiasm. Profit is key to maintain a company, employ more people and keep offering high quality products, but enthusiasm must remain intact. The idea started when Jon Mack (the founder) decided to jump in the water with an old Bulova from 1966. Of course, disaster happened. The watch was ruined but an idea arose: to make a vintage aesthetic with modern tolerances.

It is not a new concept, but the difference is that Traska treats quality and vintage design with the same level of importance. In other brands we see people usage vintage cues to spark an emotion and that is it, leaving built quality as a second thought.

After many attempts and failures, the first prototype was born. The Freediver was an immediate success in Kickstarter and the final version did not disappoint. Since then, new versions and designs have been available. They are here to stay.

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