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Something to be proud of: Glycine Airman 18

With the new GMT hype we are all going to chrono24 to check which is the GMT to buy, is it the Rolex GMT Master II? and if it is, should you get the Batman or wait for the new Pepsi in the steel version? what about an Omega Seamaster GMT? perhaps you end up wondering in the homage territory and go for a Squale Tropic GMT (beautiful watch) or a Steinhart Ocean one GMT. All of the above are great choices and can meet a variety of budgets which is one of the main factors to make a decision, but let's say that you do not want a homage watch and avoid that awkward question : '' is that a Rolex?'', perhaps you need a third time zone?or you want a watch with heritage? or perhaps you can't meet the asking price for one of the new high end pieces at Baselworld 2018 (this of course includes the Tudor GMT).  Then the solution (at least for me) is the great Glycine Airman 18. Glycine was founded in 1904 and then in 1953 they created the first Airman. This means that the Airman is 1 year older than the Rolex GMT, incredible no? The Airman also has a few tricks under its sleeve, the first one is that you can track 3 time zones! if you look at the picture the local time which is UK time reads 1:32 PM, then the GMT hand is Venezuelan time (I was born there) which is 8:32 am and then the bezel reads (using the GMT hand) 14:32 PM which is Italian time (my parents live there now). The second trick would be (hopefully you notices this) the dial, the dial is black and fades to blue, this is to indicate night hours and day hours for the 24 hours scale, pretty cool right? the Rolex GMT does this on the bezel insert ( black and blue or red and blue or black and brown) but here the whole dial is the star. Last but not least the second crown, this system allows the bezel to be secure and locked, giving total confident that the bezel will not move, this is a signature for the Airman model since the beginning. I do hope with all of these features I can persuade you to at least have a look into this great watch, yes I know that Glycine is now owned by Invicta, but the heritage and beauty in this 39 mm watch is immense, to me this watch is just perfect and you haven't seen the back yet :).

Maybe we should call it the Glycine Batman?

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