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Why titanium makes sense? Reise field watch

Not so long ago a rare case materials were reserved for high horology brands such as Ulysses Nardin or special editions of iconic watches. Nowadays we can find titanium, bronze and even cheese ( thank you Moser and Cie.) as materials to hold the inners of a watch, in my opinion the best material for a watch is Titanium, it’s hard as anything and light as air, a perfect combination but for some reason it doesn’t work on some watches.

For example , the Grand Seiko snowflake it’s beautifully crafted in titanium, polished to perfection but even if people do love it I have heard one or two complaints about the feel of the piece, it feels very light and some might argue that heavy feels more luxurious. Dressy pieces in titanium might not work but tool watches are meant to be made in this wonder material, it looks more tactical, sharper with that grey, ready to make a statement that you are here to work not to show.

Even if that is not the case I was so glad to stumble across Reise and their Resolute, an automatic titanium fume dial from a microbrand? Yes please, we received a demo unit and here below are our impressions.

The specifications:

The watch has a perfect size, a 40.5mm diameter with a 11.5 thickness. The beautiful Resolute has many things that we need to highlight such as the matte fume dial, the raised markers and the Superluminova application but here the start of the show is the case, I still have no idea how long it might took them to design and machine it but whatever it took it was worth it, the only watch I can compare it with is the Bulgari Octo Finissimo, yes I did not loose my mind, the case has so many geometric angles that together with the grey titanium makes the Resolute a smaller version of this Italian icon.

The watch is aimed to be a field watch but I am sure you can take this piece anywhere and start a conversation even with a non watch lover. True the watch is powered by a Seiko NH35 but that’s not a bad thing because reliability is assured plus a tool watch deserves a tool movement

On the wrist:

With the dimensions above plus a 46mm lug to lug, the Resolute blends in my 6.25mm inch wrist to perfection, everything feels in place and where it should be, the attention to detail for this watch is amazing, both the case back and the buckle are made of titanium, the date wheel matches the mesmerising dial and the creases on the mid case make the Resolute look like something coming from the future, it’s modern, very modern.


I’ve enjoyed my short time with Reise’s creation, I still remember going to a boutique to try out the Pelagos LHD, it is quite a bit of money but after that titanium was always on my mind and when I saw the Resolute I was completely sold on the idea that a titanium watch should be added to my collection, I might be really tempted to get one for myself, it hits all the right notes front the size to the design, watches like this are the ones I love because I enjoy to be surprised, we don’t need another Submariner homage, we need more watches like this, an original good looking design with a porpoise and not a marketing exercise.


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