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Cuban origins with a Swiss soul - The Historiador Landeron from Cuervo y Sobrinos

Sometimes luxury goods can be a funny thing, what we associate with luxury could have been created with different background story, perhaps an items becomes luxurious because is no longer needed, watches are the prime example of this and some brands like Rolex did not start as a luxury product but, here we are in 2021 paying over retail for a watch that would never go diving, funny. Cuban luxury goods is not the first thing that comes to mind when you want to buy a product (let alone watches) but if you have a second look you will see that over the years this small island have offer a variety well-made artisanal objects such as cigars, rum and

coffee. In the 50's Cuba was one of the hottest places to visit and a great variety of luxury goods were offered including watches, here is where Cuervo y Sobrinos enter the scene, already well established by that time, the pieces offered oozed quality and prestige. The company was nationalized and subsequently revived in 1997 not only with a lovely vintage charm but also with the latest technologies that the watch world has to offer. I was lucky to speak with Apex Luxury and they had one of the most beautiful chronograph I've seen: The Historiador Landeron limited edition, from the lugs to the movement the watch is incredible, I had a great time with this piece and here below are my thoughts, let's begin.

The specifications:

The Historiador range is classy, very very classy, weather you go for a time only watch, a GMT or a chronograph the pieces have great presence on the wrist, those unique shaped lugs give that old age sophistication that a dress watch should have. The case is 40mm and 12.5 mm thin, these dimensions are spectacular for a watch that has a very tridimensional movement which we gladly can see through the sapphire case back, the movement itself is a masterpiece, is a restored Landeron cal. 248 bi compax layout, no date (thank you) with a winding action that feels like nothing else I've tested before, it’s a treat. The dial is another place where you can spend staring for a long time, blued hands and Breguet numerals make you feel welcome, me being a Spanish speaker really appreciate that the scales and names are in my mother tongue.

On the wrist:

It is really odd to have this movement on my wrist 2021, it is really is an experience, the Landeron is such an important piece of history that really matches the brand well, the movement is very robust so perfect for everyday wear, the legibility is also great partially achieve by that white crisp dial with the contrast of the spotless black printing, even at macro level, the Historiador doesn’t disappoint. On my 6.25 inch wrist the watch wears incredibly well, those lugs are not only for show as the grabbed my wrist like no other watch, looks great from the top and lovely from the side, a true winner. The watch comes with a glossy blue leather strap which is made from Louisiana alligator, attention to detail and quality again.


Dress watches are coming up again, I think we are feeling the steel sports fatigue a bit so spending time with a dressy chronograph was really an eye opener, there is so much more out there then a diver or a GMT. The Historiador feels like a time capsule, is new but it is also old, it is a piece of nostalgia and I mean that in a good way because, I can really see someone in the 50's wearing this exact watch on a fresh night out after a hot day.

My time with the Historiador has come to an end, currently I do not have a chronograph in my collections and this watch makes me think why not? This watch ticks so many boxes in my head that the question is getting louder and louder, the Historiador is limited to 100 pieces and as a watch collector the fear of missing out is strong with this one. What a piece, what a watch.

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