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The future is bright- Nomos Club Campus Future Orange

This winter has been cold, here in the UK more specifically in the south, we have reached the below zero a few times, rain has been heavily present for the last few weeks, and I have to say, bright colours do not match this type of weather, or do they? Imagine a dull grey day wearing a bright green top, immediately you’ll be feeling a bit out of place, sure people will spot you quite quickly under the mist, but you will definitely stand out. It is the same with watches, winter is great for leather straps and dressy pieces, then, when the summer hits the calendar, everyone starts to bring those 44mm blue watches with white rubber straps. This time, to me, it has been the complete opposite, when everything is dark and dull, a bit of orange (in this case) can really break the monotony, why wear something that matches the overall mood? Contrast is always pleasant. The Nomos Club Campus Future Orange really brings the best of both worlds, is not an immense watch but stands out because of that beautiful grainy orange dial, there are more subdued versions of what is already a classic but, we are here to feel the warmth, let’s begin.

The specifications

The Nomos Club Campus Future Orange comes in 2 sizes but for me this 36mm version is the right size, not only because is a manual wind dress piece but because it extends quite nicely to give you a healthy 47.5mm lug to lug. Going back to the movement, the Club Campus packs some punch with their in-house Alpha Caliber, personally I would have opted for the open case back (which you can choose at the Nomos website) to enjoy the Glashutte stripes together with the 3 quarter plate architecture, it

really is worth seeing.The Nomos Club Campus really shines with that dial, the matte grainy finish really makes the personality of the watch, together with an inverted California dial, the numbers have a bright baby blue border matching the numbers on the dial track, subtle but powerful, you would think that an neon orange seconds hand on a sub-dial at six would be just too much but it adds to the legibility and gives the Club Campus another focus point, it feels cohesive but at the same time it feels like it’s doing it’s own thing. The watch is also rated to a 100 meters of water resistance, it’s an everyday watch.

On the wrist

The thinness of the Nomos Club Campus starts with the height of the Alpha Caliber at 2.6mm, then when you case the movement, the whole package ends at a mere 8.2mm, easy to fit my 6.25-inch wrist, it doesn’t disappear and it is comfortable. I wore the Nomos for more than a week non-stop which for me it’s a really hard thing to do and I loved it, it was never out of place and I found myself looking at that dial more than once just to admire the attention to detail that was put into it, I didn’t even looked at the time. When I compare the Nomos Club Campus with other watches in my collection, I cannot seem to have anything like it, it’s not because of the color, it’s because is the most elegant/simple dial layout in my box, there’s something nice about this simplicity: no date, symmetry and that plug and play feeling which you cannot get from a perpetual calendar or a GMT, with this Nomos it really feels like less is more, much more.


This is a watch for watch lovers, it gives you a sense of calm that I don’t get with other pieces, it’s the opposite of a sports watch but it is sporty, it’s classy but loud, it’s fun but made with serious attention to detail. Nomos is a brand that feels driven by a group of enthusiasts, those people that go to work on Monday thinking that they have the best job in the world, and it really reflects on their pieces. In the watch world any Nomos piece has a lot of street credibility and there are some great models to choose from but, for me in the future the orange one it's meant to be.

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