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Pilot Inspired with a secret: The IWC Flieger

What can I say about IWC, I wanted one since I saw it in Frank Underwood's wrist, yes it was product placement and yes some of the new IWC are not as cool as the vintage ones but finding the right balance and strike at the right time worked for me. This IWC packages a Jaeger LeCoultre movement and it has a little secret, its a Quartz with a mechanical movement, how does this work?

The idea is simple, when you have a Quartz based chronograph usually purists complain about the feeling and snap back of the hand to its initial position (avoiding to mention cam leavers or vertical clutches) but with a this IWC you get a mechanical Chronograph and a Quartz movement for the rest of the watch for more accuracy. The watch has aged beautifully, the tritium has faded given the markers a creamy color, I put it with a black leather strap flieger inspired and is ready to fly!

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