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The Speedmaster date, is now the right time to get one?

Is no secret that Omega has annoyed many watch lovers with a countless limited editions of the Speedmaster. I can understand why Omega is so proud of this line, not only was the first watch on the moon but it also achieve this by beating Rolex and IWC.

The Speedmaster has probably one of the largest fan base out there so I have to say that I wanted to have a try on this iconic watch. I started with the one and only Speedmaster Professional, my colleague lend me the piece for me to examine and wear and I have to say it did not do it for me, it did not sit well for me and even that the dial was beautiful I was not sold. The thought stayed on my mind: ''how come I do not appreciate this amazing watch?'' and suddenly I discovered the reduce versions of the Speedmaster, I was immediately hooked, the size really work for my wrist and the craftmanship was incredible, the quality was second to none. I manage to get a beautiful white/silver dial with a black leather strap (ref. 3513.30), yes I understand is automatic and it does not have the romance of the manual wind, is a ''reduced'' version of the real thing but the proportions, sub dials and the overall look was spot on, also the tachymeter in steel screams racing. I know purist are all about the Moonwatch and mine is an aficionados version but I am enjoying it even more that other chronographs in the collections. In my opinion this is the right time to pick up one of these, Omega has discontinued this line and they are getting rarer by the minute, also with the market demanding smaller sizes and the new hype that Omega has created by re-introducing the cal. 123 I believe the price of these lovely reduced will go up. If you decide to get one the best market for it is Japan, they are kept in great conditions and you can find them also at a good price. I was very sceptical about the Speedy fever that has flooded the watch community for years

but after wearing the piece for the last 3 months I am over moon :).

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