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it's gold taking over? enter the Nove Rocketeer

Even if the title of the review didn't included the word ''yellow'' we would already know the type of gold we were talking about, this is how powerful this metal is, it has been in our head for centuries. Gold has always been associated with success, you win a race and you get a gold medal, when you retire your company usually gives you a gold watch to commemorate the occasion and we also use the phrase ''golden years'' to talk about the best moments of our life. Apart from being a great electricity conductor gold is very shiny, some might considered it flashy, but when it's used properly that color gives a warm appearance which is quite elegant. Coming back to our main topic, yellow gold has been taking a bit a comeback over the past years, gold plated or pure gold have appeared a fair bit on watches lately, the best examples are the Casio G-Shock Full Metal B5000 and the Solid Gold Doxa Sub 200 T to name a few,

proving that there is a market for the most adored metal on earth, it is here is where we take a deep dive into the Nove Rocketeer, an unapologetic and beautifully shaped gold (plated) watch. I always wanted to scratch the itch of having a full gold piece (including the bracelet and the case) but of course this doesn’t come cheap, to have this whole look we are looking at thousands of whatever currency you might be using and not to mention the attention you'll get. This is why I believe the Rocketeer is such a great alternative that will give you that amazing look without breaking the wallet.

The specifications:

The case is so different and so avant-garde that it will not be mistaken by anything else out there, it measures 45.9 mm with lugs so short that it just work on my 6.25 inch wrist. Then we have the thinness of the watch which it’s a mind-blowibng 8.9 mm, this is possible because of its Swiss Ronda 1026 encased in a 316 stainless steel body all sealed by a large sapphire crystal.

The dial is a beauty of simplicity with 12 dots marking the hours and only two hands to tell the time, the text has been kept into a minimum to complete the clean cut theme with a lovely branded ''N'' on the north part of the dial. The case shape is definitely the star of the show, in here we can see almost all the geometrics figures we were taught as a kid, we can see the round bezel with the angled lugs and a square shaped case, this must have been a nightmare to do but the result is a definitely a dream. A textured crown breaks all the polish and brushed surfaces giving a not only a great look but also easiness to unscrew when needed, the watch also comes with 3 straps and matching buckles (one silicon and one leather) but as you might imagine I have been wearing mine in the gold metal strap, I am in for the gold baby!

On the wrist:

When I took the watch out of the box I thought: ''how I am going to pull this off?...'', but then as soon as I strapped the piece it just felt perfect, the Rocketeer has the comfort of a cushion case, the presence of a much smaller watch and the quality of a swiss piece, all together paired with that ultra thin profile, in other words it just clicked with me. I kept this watch for a full week which is very rare for me (I usually wear a different watch every day) but I just kept on using it doing mundane activities like going to the supermarket, jogging and commuting. I did get a lot of attention wearing the watch, I saw some people staring at me with that look of: ''that is a lot of gold…'' but then again that is the type of reaction you are bound to get , I have to say that I've enjoyed it.

For those of you who are less flashy there are several different versions of the Rocketeer, from a full stainless steel to a full blackout version which I love, not sure I can resist that one in the future. The watch did not feel heavy at all (even with the full metal bracelet) after several days I started to use it on the silicone strap and it is a delight too, I will wear the leather one for more formal occasions.


As you can tell from the words on the review this watch made me very happy, the way that it fits, the way it looks and how it makes you feel, the Nove it's a great companion to scratch that gold itch, it is also nice to look at your wrist and not have that same round watch. I always thought why is the watch industry making the same shapes all the time? Then I see the work that some brands like Nove are doing and I am glad to experience a small token of design which stands out from other watches in my collections. The Rocketeer ticks all the boxes that my inner rebel wants, a hard but delicate piece with a touch of design that will always makes a statement.


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