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The Lego of watch collecting - Kustom Watches Mark I

What is watch collecting? And how many watches you need in order to have a collection? Is a question that I have been asking myself lately. People usually try to have a variety of complications or nuances that make one piece different than the other, for example, I have seen many people with several Speedmaster and with the tiniest of details, it feels like is an entire different watch. Another example is dial colors or even case materials, there is no denying that a yellow gold Rolex feels completely different than a steel one, so in that light we can start seeing how our mind works and justifies a new purchase. A big part of collecting is variety, it is great when you have variety in your collection and find the right watch for the occasion, this is when we start contemplating multiple pieces: a dress watch, a sports watch and a beater watch.

I came across Kustom Watches because they tackled exactly those 3 ''needs'' but with 1 product only, can you believe that? Well I couldn’t so I had to try one the Kustom Mark I. The result was incredible, just as I was expecting, a high quality material watch with a new look within minutes if not seconds. Kustom watches offers modular parts that can be interchangeable with each other including: the dial (which is the watch mechanics), the case, the bezel and the strap. Changing all this components is very easy and gives you the control on what you feel wearing on a particular day, do you want to feel sporty? Well get that metal bracelet with a steel case and a blue bezel and you are ready to go, perhaps you have a board meeting? Then a brown leather strap with a black dial will look much better. It is very simple and so intuitive that I've started to think: ''why no one thought about this before?''

It is simple yes, but it took the Milano based company around 2 years to come up with a patented system that allows the whole watch to be as user friendly as it is today, join me to find out more about what it is a unique value proposition.

The specifications:

As you can imagine in order to match components with each other Kustom Watches has to be consistent with the dimensions of all of the dials, cases, straps and bezels, all the Mark I series parts are compatible giving the user an infinite variety of combinations. The case is 41mm which means is a perfect wearer for today's modern world, it has a thickness (or thinness) of 9.10 mm making it slide under any cuff, this is achieved by the Quartz Miyota inside. The Mark I case is offered in rose gold, steel and gun metal black which is key for versatility at any environment. Then we have the dial which is offered black (there are 2 models) and a white grainy dial, both of the dials are very well made with attention to detail on the printing, at macro shot level no foreign materials or imperfections are encountered, making the quality of the Mark I very high for its price point.

The new aluminum bezels are very well machined with crisp colors (black, blue and green) giving that sporty look of more expensive pieces. There are also matching steel bracelets for each case with also leather and canvas straps complete the offering, all of them having quick release mechanisms keeping the customizable experience pleasant. After exploring all the possibilities you can really see the plethora of looks you can have with the Mark I, is a fun experiment which I have enjoyed very much so far.

On the wrist:

With the measures of the case described above, I feel the Mark I fits perfectly on my 6.25 inch wrist, is thin (very thin), not too big and not too small, the big crown is a lovely detail and easy to use and both layouts of the dial are easy to read, subtle but also functional.

I wore the Mark I with a black bracelet for a couple of days when going outside to the supermarket and other mundane activities, then I change the configuration with a canvas strap/black bezel and use it for exercising, afterwards I had a 'bling' moment phase and put on the gold jubilee style bracelet with gold case, I have to say that it feels like I have been wearing 3 different watches.


My time with the Mark I from Kustom Watches has been incredible, it is not only convenient but also fun, it took me back when I was a kid and putting pieces together to create a unique look on what I wanted to design (or try at least), versatility is key and for someone who needs a watch on the go and Kustom watches takes this to another level, why buy three different watches if you can only one and modify it in seconds? The built quality is something that is present on all of the components offered, I am also happy to report that any other products in the future can be compatible with any Mark I components, which means that you will have even more options to add on, perhaps a red bezel? Perhaps a yellow gold version? This is the strength of the Mark I, it gives you the option of how you want the piece to look, in other words how you will look.


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