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Why different is better - Meia Lua Inception

Today, even the most mechanicals tool watches are obsolete, everything has been replaced by diving computers or digital instruments on plane cockpits but we are still obsessed to create a mechanical marvel that can outperform on any situation we might need to use it for, this line of thought can makes us the consumer access quality objects crafted as well as possible but it also give us an issue: innovation on design.

Innovation on design suffers quite a bit in an industry driven by heritage, brands are very scared to offer something new or something different, from Patek Phillipe and it’s Pilot watch to Tudor with its P01, all of this show us that safer is better. This is why the world of micro brands is so exciting, not because there is no heritage but because there are no boundaries on what a brand can design. I came across Meia Lua and it’s beautiful Inception earlier this year, it is so different from all of the watches I have reviewed so far that I have nothing to compare it with, believe me when I say that this a great thing. Meia Lua is a small brand based in Lisbon which has an mixed set of inspirations on their city landscapes and constellations, no explorers or moon watches here, something completely different.

The specifications:

The watch has a 42mm case with a nice presence, It has beautiful transitions from brushed surfaces to polished ones.

The movement is a reliable Miyota which performs impeccably and can be through the back, simple and robust, but the real star of the show is that brown dial, 4 big hours markers are present on the dial and a 24 hour indicator at 9 makes the whole watch look very instrument oriented, the hands are long with a triangle shape giving that 80’s vibe with super luminova applied to it. Our version is the newest rose gold variant and it looks at chocolate as possible, very tasty very brownish. I haven't seen many watches with rose gold and red accents but in the Inception just works, it makes the whole piece very warm and classy.

On the wrist:

There is no surprises here, with great dimensions comes great wear (small Spider-Man plug). The Inception is as comfortable as they come, is big but not brash, it’s classy but not delicate.

The superluminova makes a wonder show when the watch is in the dark, everything lights up as well as a Pilot’s gear, precise and clean cut leaving all that’s going on behind and just focusing on the time. The lug to lug distance which is under 50mm feels perfect on my 6.25 inch wrist and the high grade leather straps makes the whole package suitable for a watch costing 3X the price. The watch also has a good heft to it making it feel well made and refined, the watch blends in almost situation, doesn't look out of place and I am sure that its uniqueness will be a great conversation starter, at the end that what we all want, an excuse to talk about something you love.


I have been wearing the Inception for the last few weeks and it’s has been a great, the strength on the Inception's design makes it a very versatile and it's because the watch is not bound to an specific porpoise, it’s not a racer but it looks fast, it’s not a pilots watch but it’s legible and it’s not dressy but it can blend in perfectly on a night out. Another great thing about the Inception is that is not an homage to anything and this is why I like it so much, it’s a classic interpretation of how a watch should be but in modern world, no compromises, just different and all better for it.

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