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What people have been asking for - the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600

Think of a black diver in 40mm, immediately the good old Rolex Submariner comes to mind, this right here is a problem, not only for watch enthusiast but also for any design team that decides to create a diving watch.

If the markers are too round and it has a cyclops it becomes an homage piece but if it brings something innovative and non-traditional like a case with a millimeter bigger then we watch people start complaining, there is no winning formula here, the idea is just finding the right balance which is what I believe Christopher Ward did with their Trident watch, of course this did not happen overnight. The C60 Trident Pro 600 from Christopher ward has been evolving for a while now and we are at its 3rd iteration, the watch feels refined with tons of character given by its unique design cues like the logo at 9 o clock or the trident counter balance, it is a 40mm diver but not an homage in any sense, as I described earlier this very hard to do. My time with the C60 was great and it felt like it could easily fit in any collection, here are my thoughts.

The specifications:

As we have been praising, the size is perfect at 40mm, yes we know people are saying that 39mm is the new ''in'' size and others saying that 41mm is contemporary one but, that's not the whole side of the story, the lug to lug on the

Trident is 47mm making it more compact and wearable than other divers. As mentioned the design if the C60 includes all those specifications that we watch people love but with a twist : a ceramic bezel completely lumed, a date wheel (sometime we do not like those) but with no cyclops and with the same color as the dial, the Christopher Ward logo at 12 which you can only see when the light hits the watch and, a solid milled clasp with solid end links for the bracelet, you don’t need me to tell you that this ticks all the boxes when you are looking for a diver which will not get that awkward question:'' is that a Rolex?''. The

movement inside is a Sellita SW200-1 which performs impeccably giving the watch a 38 hours of power reserve. I feel like over the past years Christopher Wards has been dominating the sub 1000 GBP price range and I believe part of this is achieved by the quality they applied to their cases and its finishing, the Trident is no exception, this case looks very complex with various steps including brushed and polished surfaces, a real eye candy for the ones who like to stare and the body of a watch, is elegant but still utilitarian.

On the wrist:

Is not only the size and the length but also the height and at under 13mm that the Trident Pro has, it sits amazing on my 6.25 inch wrist, I do wear bigger watches and it is up to the wearer how you feel about it but this one at this size feels phenomenal.

The legibility is perfect and it is achieved by the monochromatic scheme (only broken by that subtle text in red at 6 o clock) on the dial. The bracelet is also part of this comfort, the links are easy to adjust and to find the right position is no problem with a pin and collar system. What makes the Trident a great watch is that you can wear it all day, is not bulky to annoy you nor very light to forget about it, again it's all about finding the balance.


We are all feed up with seeing the same watches all the time and it has created this anti mainstream vibe of people wearing stuff that they don't even like just to find that ''feel'' of being different, yes is that bad. It does feels amazing to have something on your wrist that is not the norm and also like it at the same time, just like having your cake and eat it. The best part of the Trident Pro is that it's beautifully design but it manages to stand out of the crown by its features, there is no way of mistaken this for other than a divers tool watch but it also feels like a

luxury item, a very trick to achieve and I think that Christopher Ward has created a proposition that is very hard to overlook, I wouldn't be able to buy an Oris or an entry level Longines without looking at them first and we are talking about companies that have been with us for over 100 years, in the world watchmaking tradition is everything right?, or is it?


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