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An Original take on the most useful complication- The Isotope GMT 0º

It is hard to think that despite the popularity of dive watches, the GMT complication always remains the most popular. When we think of GMT watches a bi-color bezel of some sort rings in our head, then that extra hand usually in orange or red and then of course, a classic diver case that would fit any type of buyer, why to re-invent a formula that is already so cemented in our heads?

Well the Isotope Watches had the challenge to take this GMT function and match it to their current design language, I have to say that the results are incredible, like nothing I've ever seen. We know that Jose and Joana Miranda ( the founders of Isotope Watches) love the jumping hour complication so, why not to give the Isotope GMT 0º this flavor? The watch strips all that we knew for the layout of a multiple time zone watch, and that is a good thing. Please join me to see the highlights of this unique take of our favorite complication.

The specifications:

The case is typical Isotope, with flow lines and rounded edges you can really feel that this GMT is part of the family with their other watches. At 41.5mm in diameter and 44.7 lug to lug fits perfectly on my 6.25 inch wrist, easy to pull and to read. The layout of this watch or how the complication is done is what really takes a recalibration of the brain but in a good way, the watch as any other has one hand for the hour, one for the minute and one for the seconds, but there is no GMT hand, instead we have a center disc which rotates indicating the time in 24 hours, all done in a teardrop like shape. Then on top of the scale we have a day indication instead of the typical date at 3 o clock, this has 31 small apertures where a red dot appears to tell you which day you are in, and then 11 markers for the hours (plus the logo at 12).

All this effort creates one of the most symmetrical dials I've seen, in fact the only thing asymmetrical on the watch is the crown at 3 which is very easy to operate and one turn each way on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position makes a natural understanding on how the watch operates. If you turn the watch over you can see that things do not stop on the front, you can really appreciate the beauty of a well done case back with a small aperture here, all cities are displayed as a cheat sheet so you can program your watch accordingly and, also have a peak at the customised Swisstech S24-45, it’s a workhorse with 3 years of warranty.

On the wrist:

The watch wears nicely and is legible too, you would think that this amount of information would be hard to put on a sub 44mm watch but the result is outstanding, not only is easy to read but also easy to set which you'll appreciate if you are a traditional GMT owner. The Superluminova glows nicely and it really gives a futuristic vibe when the lights are off, I think is the layout as I haven't seen one like this before. The Isotope GMT is a great companion when you are traveling, not that I went far with it but did took it for a spin over a weekend to the countryside, it really looks great when you are on an adventure.


My head is still spinning when I think of the design process of the Isotope GMT, to change the look and feel of a watch that has been registered since the Glycine Airman came out is not an easy task, not only that but also find the appropriate movement to make it happen is an achievement on its own. The Isotope GMT comes also in a variety of colours which is nice to have that option ( red, green blue…) but the white version is the one that I think I'll take home, regardless of the combination you choose the quality of the piece is definitely there and I am glad that Isotope has developed a design language that can be claimed of their own, can you guys think on how a chronograph would look like?


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