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Are we ready for an everyday watch made of bronze? – The C65 Dune form Christopher Ward

Well, here we are, it is 2023 and I think we have seen watch cases made of every material possible, Hublot has done some outstanding sapphire ones, Tudor has re-invented the Black Bay with ceramic, silver and even gold, and yes, we have also seen a cheese watch from Moser and Cie. but even if steel is king, I would say that bronze is a close second. It is warm like gold but because of the prices, they are not that scary to wear. The only part that bronze watches were missing was a full bronze bracelet, you would think that with that colour, that warmth, the overall package might be too much, and you are right, it has presence, but because of the bronze properties and aging process, the watches get more muted, more reserved. There are several options when it comes to bronze watches but the ones that have a full bracelet are just a handful, and I am lucky enough to have the new C65 Dune from Christopher Ward for a week to give my impressions. A reason why companies like Rolex are so successful, is because they have a very defined design language, Christopher Ward has gone to a transformation and identity seeking for the past few years and I really think they have been hitting the mark constantly, the watches have become more mature, more of a standalone product than just an offer that satisfy a trend, their latest Aquitaine collection is sophisticated and looks like nothing on the market, sure it might have cues from certain watches but is not a cheaper options of something else.

The Dune collection is also one of their newest addition, field watches with a unique twist, not so large, lots of colours and very well made, the lack of bezel really adds to the factor that these looks like Christopher Ward watch, they are new but still familiar, easy to wear every day (at least the steel ones) but in bronze? Is that possible? The C65 Dune in a blue dial configuration in a bronze case plus a full bronze bracelet is aiming for that, let’s find out.

The specifications

To start with the case, the 38mm is home for a field/everyday piece. The C65 brings not only a reduced case and a 43mm lug to lug, but also a full brushed bronze tapered bracelet that feels phenomenal, it is well built and has a hidden extension on the clasp, it is as good as it looks. The dial which is called Marina Blue it is also brushed to perfection, matching date and rose gold lume plots for the hours, the 3 hands match the aesthetics with that usual counterbalance trident on the seconds one, everything works in harmony and I like this new direction of a logo at 12 with no name, looks clean and long gone are the days of the name at 9 o'clock, symmetry is key here.

Inside the case we can find the workhorse Sellita SW200 that has been COSC certified and decorated, the accuracy is out there with the big boys. The watch of course has the usual SuperLuminova X1, last very long and the blue hue, adds to the overall effect. I did paid attention to the curvature of the lugs and different types of finishing, and I have to say that I am very impressed with this new Dune collection, I really believe that Christopher Ward is delivering the best watches on their price range, they are not only reliable and accurate but also well made with a flair of design that at the moment is not matchable by its competitors.

On the wrist

This was one of the watches that I have liked the most from Christopher Ward, it was easy to wear on that bracelet and the main reason is because its tappers so well, the clasp is long which I love, and also over engineered, feels solid but that bronze shade really makes its more interesting, less clinical, less boring. I think the overall combination of blue and bronze really stands out from the typical watches you see out there, it is very attractive. Part of the comfort on the Dune C65 it is also its thinness at 11.9mm which means that sits nice and low on my 16.5 inch wrist, of course me being me I tired it on a grey nato strap and it looks incredible, so if you get tired of the full bronze look (I’ve put the watch back on the stock bracelet after a day) then you do have options. It is versatile it is made for daily wear.


The C65 Marine Blue in full bronze is a and incredible piece that really fits any active lifestyle you might have, I wore it on the office, on a hike, and the weekend for a more causal event, it never looks out of place, I am convinced that this size and this look can be pull by many people who are thinking on a bronze watch, I am really happy to see that sizes are getting smaller specially for those watches that are made with exotic materials. Looking forward on seeing more of this Dune collection, I think that White Sand look really hits a sweet spot, but for those who are looking for something more adventurous well, this C65 in bronze (you can also choose a green Beachgrass version) might be for you.

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