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Out of this world – Selten Series 00.04  

As watch enthusiasts we have preferences in terms of design and materials. Even if we think we are knowledgeable towards our watch hobby, we tend to gravitate to what is in vogue, after all we are consumers and not watchmakers. One of the few characteristics I enjoy about watches is that they are an artistic impression (when it comes to looks) of an object that always does the same; tell the time. With this in mind, different materials and layouts are partially the reason why I enjoy watches, feeling surprised by a new design is the best feeling, at least for me.

Stone dials are one of those categories that I never understood or paid attention to, partly because I felt that stone dials were suited to women’s category, nothing wrong with that but just not for me. After a few encounters with mother of pearl and meteorite dials, my views were changed simply because the intensity of colours and shades couldn’t be replicated by manmade techniques. Then, I started to look further and further.

Today we have the Selten Series 00.04 in its aventurine form. This is not the first time we review a watch from this brand, we had a good look at their Patina Series late last year and I appreciate the unique approach from the brand. Now is time to have look at what could be their twist on a dressy but still everyday piece. Let’s begin.

The specifications

The reason why I believe this is an everyday watch is because of the case. The proportions are robust and with dimensions at 40mm in diameter with a lug to lug of 48mm, it feels that it could take a beating without a sweat. At the beginning the contrast with the elegant dial was a bit different, at least for me, but just like my perception of stone dials changed, the case has won me over because of the construction and comfort offered.

The dial is one of the most striking features of the watch. The aventurine dial looks like an infinity pool of stars. On the dial you can spot sparkles of pink, red, green and blue placed on top of a very dark blue surface, it is something I haven’t seen before. In this instance, I think the macro shots really show the beauty of the dial, but it is something that also needs to be experienced live.

Again on the dial, there are some good aesthetic decisions (in my opinion) made by Selten. The batons are black filled with no lume. The observatory hands which are polished and then brushed on the tip, make a perfect opening when they are on top of the night and day indicator. This indicator is made of 2 round meteorite discs, yes, there is a second stone into this dial, this one is from outer space.

The blued seconds hand also makes an appearance when the light is right, it glides nicely over the glossy dial which underneath houses the Miyota 9132 automatic movement, the mechanics can be viewed from the back including the custom rotor. The water resistance of the Series 00.04 is 50 meters which attest to its sport like capability.

On the wrist

I wore the Selten for a full week, it has an elegant nature because of the aventurine dial, meaning that at the beginning, it might contrast with your perception on what it should feel like. The Series 00.04 is a watch that blends carefully between elegant and sport situations, so I am glad to report that it comes a stainless-steel bracelet and a handmade black leather strap which is useful for different situations.

The bracelet is very well made, it uses H links in terms of design and tappers aggressively to 16mm from 20mm. Everything ends on a butterfly clasp with the logo. It has a quick release system and at the beginning it felt a bit light compared to the watch head but then I enjoyed the benefit of having a lighter watch with a full metal construction.

One of the points I was concerned is that the watch is a bit on the thick side at 13mm, but this is well contrasted on how the lugs curved down to hug the wrist, making the watch feel more planted and overall thinner. Also, the crown is also set lower breaking the case side nicely.

You would think that with this busy dial, the Selten would be very hard to read but is not the case. The lack of text on the dial is appreciated as it leaves baton markers feel subtle and avoid taking unnecessary attention from the dial. I believe that the 00.04 is hard to read because I rarely looked at the dial for time telling, I was just staring at it.


No watch is completely perfect nor is the Series 00.04 but I have to say that it is pushing the edges of what watch brands can achieve with good design and original ideas. We haven’t even come to the price yet, and this is another part where Selten has made a big leap, the Series 00.04 is priced at 699 USD. Considering that this is a watch that includes 2 types of stones on the dial, a day and night complication with a metal bracelet, anyone will be hard pressed to find better value elsewhere.

The Selten Series 00 comes in 4 different varieties including a full meteorite dial, with lancet hands or observatory ones. I believe the aventurine is the most striking version, but a unique meteorite dial can also have a big appeal among watch enthusiasts.

Technical Specifications:

Movement: Miyota 9132 Automatic

Index: Applied Index

Case: 316L Stainless Steel Case

Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with Inner AR Coating

Case Diameter: ø40mm

Lug to Lug: 48mm

Thickness: 13mm

Lug Width: 20mm

Water Resistance: 5ATM

Day & Night Indicator: Yes

Exhibition Caseback with Custom Rotor

Individually Etched Serial Number Plate


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