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Simplicity at its best - The Sept Mai

If you are a watch enthusiast I am sure that it comes a time when most watches look very similar, not only watches but cases, straps, hands making us think that there aren't many suppliers for watch makers out there. This is why is so refreshing when you see a new approach, a new design and of course a new idea. Watches usually have a function, diving or perhaps flying but what happens when everyday use is the main criteria?

Well I guess the designers can really let their hair down and create something different, something special. I have always been a fan of the minimalistic approach, so far this trend/space has been dominated by brands like Nomos or Junghans, what I mean is that there aren't many alternatives to a manual wound every day watches, here is where I discover Neucarl with their Sept Mai, a futuristic take on a watch with a case that is probably one of the best I've experienced so far. I was lucky enough to spend my holiday season with this beauty and here are my impressions.

The Specifications:

The Sept Mai is the first watch that Neucarl has developed, a retro modern inspired design that oozes class and perfect for every day. In the watch world a hand wound movement is incredible and the Sept Mai delivers to the expectation with a Sellita SW215 visible through the sapphire case back, well decorated and a classic.

Dimensions are spot on, 41mm with 45.8 lug to lug means that you can wear it in almost every occasion. The dial looks a futuristic interpretation of a sector dial from the 50's, a mix of brush metal with lume and a curvature on the edges makes the watch legible and elegant, minimal dial writing completes the package. The watch also has a party trick up its sleeve, the lume is incredible! The Sept Mai can be seen in the darkest environment and also makes a visual splash that no other watch can compete too, this watch is a torch.

On the wrist:

This is where the Sept Mai really shines, the case is on a league of its own, remember that I mentioned that this watch could be a Nomos alternative? Well the case of this watch really gives the German brand a run for its money, its is way more complex in terms of structure and it creates a timeless aesthetic making the watch stand out in what can be consider a boring category. The watch is only 10.5mm tall making it easy to use with a t-shirt or with a more formal attire. As mentioned before the legibility is great, the perfectly framed date breaks the symmetry of the watch and that is a good thing, it makes the Sept Mai more user friendly and cooler looking. The watch also comes on a very fine leather strap, options were supplied by Neucarl and they didn't disappoint, they are very thin and that is a good thing because when you were the watch from day one you dont feel that stiffness which makes watches feel a bit cheap or a bit out of place, I wish more brands put their attention on the straps, you can really have a great watch but if it wears badly half of the work is over.


As you can tell I managed to spent my holiday season with

this watch and I have fallen for it. The simplicity but at the same time the good design made me re think what pieces to add in my collection, in a world that is dominated by Submariners or Speedmasters the Sept Mai is a breath of fresh air, easy to wear and not trying to copy anyone, basically doing its own thing. At the moment Neucarl is launching a great variety of limited editions, make sure you check them out as this won't be available long, my favorite is the Paris edition. Back to the watch, the Sept Mai is a perfect start for the brand and it would be a great addition to any collection, if we also take in consideration the price which is offered I am sure there isn't an alternative for a watch with modern and original design.


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