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The best of 3 worlds - the Vario Versa

It is always hard when you are looking for a new watch and it becomes harder when you are a watch enthusiast, why? Well you really appreciate even the smallest details than a brand has to offer, it is odd really not only because you start to understand what your taste is but also because you like watches that you wouldn’t be interested to begin with, for example, I have been lucky enough to own a Lange Saxonia, a Vacheron Constantin Fixty-Six and a solid gold Reverso Duo Face, these are watches that are as well-crafted as expensive and yes, I do missed them but I managed to understand that a dress watch is not for me, I just don’t wear them enough to justify having them but, when they gone they leave an empty space in my collection. Tool watches constitute the majority of my watches, and I am not sure if is the versatility or the fact that they can take a beating as I do not baby my pieces, but I just enjoy them must. The last obsession with a dress watch was a Tank Cartier Must, I've decided that if I must own a dress piece, it really shouldn't be my most expensive one as mentioned above, I don’t wear it that often, even so, the mighty Tank

was not getting enough wrist time, so it’s gone. The void did come back and for my luck Vario came to the rescue with a gorgeous piece, the Versa. I have reviewed Vario watches for at least 4 years now, they are incredibly well built, affordable and above all, classical. When Ivan told me he was working on a 2 face watch my first thought was, he has gone mad, how can he keep a 2-face affordable? Well below is my take on probably the best watch I have reviewed from them, the Versa.


The Square case of the Versa is 26mm from side to side and 40mm in length, it wears perfect for the style and what is trying to achieve, the party trick of the watch is of course the fact that has 2 faces, you can call it a GMT as each face has an independent crown to control the time, perfect for travel and perfect to be elegant, the Versa we were given to review has a red face on one side and silver with enamelled white centre on the other, the attention to detail goes from the lovely pointy hands to the minute tracks on each face of the watch. The Versa has a carriage cage that holds the watch case when rotating, the watch has 2 independent movement each one powered by a Ronda Slimtech 1062 with 6 years of battery life. Another detail I love about the versa is that is all brushed on the sides and polished on the top, making it more robust that it should be.

On the wrist

The watch fits right in the centre of my 6.25-inch wrist, it really wears like that reverso I used to own, a point that has been comment is the thickness and I am happy to report that the Versa wears very well, it does have presence, but it wears well, you don’t notice the 12mm because the watch is extremely compact, looks and feels good. With 2 faces legibility is assured, as being a dress watch there is no lume but is not needed with that enamelled dial in the white side, it really shines and looks perfect, the red face has polished hands and they really explode in that deep crimson red, it is a feast to the eyes. The watch comes of course with a Vario strap and a deployment buckle, I have been a fan for these straps for a while, the quality matches some of the big boys out there and the Veg Tan red used on the Versa just completes the package, I've added a personal touch with another grey vintage Vario strap and also looks business.


The Versa is incredible, there is no doubt about it, I really want to add this piece to my collection to fill that void that my Cartier, and yes, the watch has been compared to the beautiful Tank Basculante, to me that is one of the highest complements Ivan and Judy can receive, the Tank it’s really an art deco institution. To me the Versa is a mixture of watches like the JLC reverso with its minute track and flipping capabilities, a Cartier Tank Must with its square shape and red colour and a Cartier Basculante, it’s a tribute band that rock, really rocks. The Versa will be made in Green and Blue and limited to 100 pieces each, I am sticking with the red as my favourite, but I am sure the other version will be gone in no time after November 28th, make sure you grab one, I am sure I won’t be able to resist.

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