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Digital meets analog: The Breitling Chronospace

Shot on an Instagram Filter, nothing fancy. background is an IKEA stool

So here we go again, we log into and we start the search for a Breitling Navitimer, probably one of the most iconic watches of all time, i have to say there is something about that rule bezel. But what if there is an alternative? a Digital alternative? Enter my beloved Chronospace. I love this watch!! it gives me the classic look of a Navitimer (without the chrono sub dials of course) and all the tool look of the Breitling Professional Emergency, I think it works!. The watch is fitted with 2 batteries, one for the analog dial and the second one for the digital dial. It includes a countdown, a chronometer, a second time zone, day/date and of course an alarm. For me is a watch that i would never get tired of it and is not a monster for your wrist as it is only 41 mm.

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