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More than just a diver: The Fortis Marinemaster Super Compressor

Orange background and heavily modified photo with internal iPhone software

Awww the tool watch look. In the 60's everything was about tool watches, every major brand from Rolex to Doxa were deep into the tool watches game. Maybe because with a tool watch people saw you as a person who doesn't stay home to watch your brand new color TV, perhaps with that watch you are a diver or pilot who challenges the nature by going into the unknown. The ocean was as unexplored and so the big diving trend started. Watches were already waterproof when the super compressor (SC) case came into scene but the guys at Ervin Piquerez did a great job finding this new way to achieve deep sea exploration (the Rolex Deep sea came later). Basically an SC watch has a case that when deeper you went more pressure was applied to the back making the watch waterproof. My love for this type of watches started with the Longines Legend Diver ( the re-issue), the watch is perfect in every sense but it has one problem: is not a true SC. Is an normal screw down case (which gives 300 MT which is usually more than an SC)with a rotating inner bezel and two crowns, it dos give a great nostalgia feeling but I wanted more, I wanted the real deal. Here is where this Fortis comes in! a re-issue of the original 70's version created to celebrate Fortis 90th birthday. it has all the great things that I wanted: a inner rotating bezel, 2 crowns with cross hatch patterns, a big 5 mm tall Plexiglass and of course a SC case.

Hope you like the picture and happy to answer any questions.

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