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How does it feel?: The Panerai Luminor base logo

I wanted to write about the Luminor base logo since I got the watch but I have always thought that Panerai is one of the brands with too much information out there, so how to make this article different? We all know that they were used by Italian frogmen in WWII and then Stallone wore them in a popular film making them extremely cool. Well I wanted to try and describe how does it feel to wear a big watch like this? The good the bad and the ugly, so hopefully at the end of the article you will have a different view other than Internet well known facts. To give you some context, I have taken this watch on 2 different trips, the first one was Japan and the second to the US( Seattle , San Francisco and Napa Valley). Both trips were for 2 weeks and included lots of hiking, casual wear and heavy partying (I am not trying to sound cool, this means that the watch gets shaken quite a bit). The watch was always on its OEM rubber strap and an aftermarket suede one. Here is my verdict in 5 notes: 1) this is a heavy watch after a 4 hour hiking your left arm feels quite weak, I am not the strongest person but you can really feel the weight 2) At 44mm is definitely big so it doesn’t go with everything, it is a really “in your face” watch that will make people think something about you( it’s a statement piece). 3) The dial is its best feature, legible and simple, the matte black and two hands make it as mysterious as hopefully the photo shows. 4) For every Panerai I have seen on a regular day I also saw 5 Rolex around me so you will definitely have a more unique watch(not saying better). 5) It has become my favourite watch, I can definitely say that it has grown on me, when I first got it it was too big, too loud and too simple, but all these negative points became positive once I spent time with it. It’s big but good looking, loud but with heritage and simple but well made, all of this together with a very nice movement makes you appreciate it even more, also you get to open that unique crown guard that we all Panerai (avoiding to say Paneristi) owners love. It will definitely be a blue Monday going back to work with out it.


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