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An old world chronograph for the modern wrist - The Anonimo MIlitare Chrono

There are many chronograph that we know about, this is probably the most useful complication in any situation and the variety of styles that we can find are almost infinite, for me, I like a big and bold piece that looks really sporty and imposing, I used to have smaller chronographs, delicate ones which are truly beautiful but sometimes it defies its purpose with some legibility left along the way. Big chronographs give you not only the advantage to operate the watch on your wrist but also to take it out in that old racing fashion. We reviewed an Anomino a bit back, the beautiful Nautilo Vintage, the trademark of the company is to make tool watches, not ''tool like'' watches but the real deal, in my eyes if anyone could produce a great chronograph was Anonimo so I was keen to see what that would look like. Here we got a one to one with the Militare Chrono in steel, it had all the elements that we could possible ask for together with a dial that looks like nothing else, below the impressions of this amazing piece.

The specifications:

The watch has 43.5 mm of diameter with a cushion shape which is 14.5 mm thick, the lugs are short so it makes it easier to wear. The watch is imposing there is no doubt of that, at this point you might think that is just a big chronograph but is definitely not, it is covered with tons of details that it really stands out on its own, the winding crown is at 12 o'clock (yes you read that right), many brands have re engineer the crown position to the left so it can be protected while on the wrist but in the Militare Chrono the position plus the patented system on top of it creates a natural approach to the whole watch. The Chrono is powered by a Sellita SW300 with a custom module which Anonimo uses in order to create a bi-compax layout giving that old school but modern feel. The square pushers feel as smooth as a BMW M series clutch, it just so re assuring that I couldn’t stop playing with the mechanism, the great tactile feel combined with the hand snapping to place makes you smile every time.

I spend a lot of time describing the features of the watch but I haven't got to the dial yet, a typical look for Anonimo it's the large numerals which are present here in the Militare Chrono but the dial, that hand brushed brown finish completes the whole look, every piece has a different pattern with a fume effect, the amount of time spent on these details must have been tremendous but the result is worth it.

On the wrist:

Even with large dimensions the watch feels amazing on my 6.25 inch wrist, the ergonomics of the patented crown system contours my wrist to perfection, the aged calf leather strap which is also hand finished (there is a lot of hand craftsmanship on the watch if you noticed) is soft and as elegant as robust. One of the main aspects for me on wearability it is how legible the watch is, the large numeral makes the Militare Chrono easy to read at any glance and with details like the red counter balance, red counter balance and Super-LumiNova® application there is no shinny or dark place that it can't hide from.


As you can see the watch has really taken my wrist time, is a watch that has presence, I wore it

every day for a week as my time was limited and i didnt want to se it go. I bet that Militare Chrono would look as good on a 1920's officer wrist that would do on a civilian one over the next 40 years, it has that timeless look that can only be achieved by a well design object. There are many variations of this watch but the steel version to me is the winner, the versatility aspects gives me that assurance that I could wear this watch on a nice dinner party but also on an extreme environment, that is a hard thing to pull and it is because the luxurious feel of the watch is very much present trough and trough.


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