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Symmetry is the key : the Alcadus Opus 39

We watch people love symmetry, there is a huge debate going on when a watch has a date or not, where is this date placed and also how clean the dial is.

Date is not the only thing that interrupts this harmony, it could be something minute like the indices or even the name placement, we are annoying people. I believe the reason of why we love clean aesthetics is because a the dial of a watch is divided perfectly by the minutes and hour markers, we got used to the crown being at 3 pm and even when we move it people start scratching their heads. I came across the Opus 39 from Alcadus and from the proportions to the overall looks everything looks as tuned as possible, I am sure this is not a coincidence and that every little detail like the 7 letters of the logo which are perfectly aligned have been calculated. Toady It is hard to make a simple design which stands out and Alcadus made one of the few that because of simplicity and elegance got my attention, let's begin.

The specifications:

The Opus 39 as its name suggest is a 39mm which for us watch nerds seems to be the perfect size, not too big and not to small, it is what we call contemporary.

The watch is a pilot inspired instrument, hands and legibility can really confirm the origins of the design but to me the magic is that it can be worn as almost anything. The lacquered dial is as deep as any watch I've tried on, it really contrasts well with the hands which is one of its main porpoises, some of this look is also achieved by AR coating application which makes it look like there is no crystal. Under the hood we can find a reliable ETA 2824-2 visible through the case back, good details like the gold rotor complete the package. The date is placed at 6 o clock, avoiding any distraction when you read the time. The case is nicely brushed and has a polished bezel, all the transitions are well executed, really enjoyed to see it under macro level.

On the wrist:

The watch wears perfectly on my 6.25 inch wrist, it has an under 13mm height and a 45.5mm lug to lug, very compact and easy to pull every day.

The Opus also comes with drilled lugs (thank you) so you can easily change it to any strap you want, the bracelet is very well executed , I did swap it for dark brown nubuck strap but on the bracelet it was so perfect that it went back straight away. What I love about the Opus is that feels like a modern interpretation of a flieger watch, we always love the German precision look but here the watch achieves all that in a different way. Some other details include a screw down crown with the only hint of color in a very monochromatic piece, that red does look nice and yes the crown is lumed!


I believe Alcadus has a real winner here, there are other 2 variants that complete the series and I am sure they are as good looking in person as the Jet Black Opus 39.

We have seem many attempts to bring to market a pilot watch that looks different and unique but sometimes the Flieger design is so embedded in our minds that anything outside the norm makes us cringe a bit, this was not the case with the Opus, it was harmonious and different at the same time giving me that feeling of a new object which feels familiar. The watch is now ready to pre order and some of them are already sold out, I am not surprised as I might want to add one to my collection too.


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