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Made for diving, flying and hiking: The Rivelta Metrodive

As a watch enthusiast, I always try to diversify when I can. That said, when you check my current collection and wish list, there is always a hidden pattern, there is always a tool watch. But what is a tool watch? for me, the case needs to be all brushed to hide my cumbersome behaviour, a matte dial is a must to avoid reflections and an all-stainless steel bezel to end those ''which one is better?'' discussions between aluminium and ceramic.


When you read the description above, there are several contenders, good ones that can fit any collection such as the new iteration of the Tudor Ranger or the Black Bay Pro, utilitarian by nature and a bit of GADA watch. The price bracket is a bit steep, but the quality is unquestionable, so when I heard that Rivelta was coming out with a watch with similar characteristics, I had to take a look.

 Today we have a hands on with the new Metrodive from the brand in its 04 form which is the full stainless-steel version. It is a watch that ticks all the boxes when it comes to a ''do it all watch '' including the price. Join me to discover the details in full.

The specifications

Before going to measurements and specifications, I think it’s important to describe what the Metrodive is. In its core, the watch is a diver as the name suggest but as it doesn’t have a traditional diving bezel, the watch can be considered as field watch as well. The countdown capability of the watch gives the wearer a chance to escape the desk diving theme, allowing to blend better in many situations. In my case, I always gravitate towards diving pieces and the main reason it is the robustness/construction which includes: a screw down crown, automatic movement, great lume and water resistance, add that countdown bezel and effectively you have a chronograph alternative without all the delicate parts.


Coming back to the watch dimensions, the Metrodive its 39mm in diameter by 46mm lug to lug, which suggests it as a good companion for everyday use, it is not too heavy nor too small. The matte black dial alerts the wearer of its tool nature, there is no brushing nor degrade, just legibility. The centre of the hands is also matte black to create this ''floating'' effect, which is a nice nod to watches like the Rolex 1655. There are 2 steps on the dial, the lower part contains the markers and the top one the numerals which again give the watch a more field look instead of lume plots which is used more on divers.

The date makes an appearance at 3 o clock, and I like the date disc is more silver than white, it is a subtle detail, but I appreciate it.

The muscular lugs and the rectangular crown guards blend nicely with the aesthetics, the only polished part can be found is the signed crown and the coin edge to grip the bidirectional bezel, which is a detail that I really enjoy about the Metrodive, it is crisp, and it will probably stay as clean in year to come.


Under the hood (or sapphire crystal) we can find the Miyota 9015 which is a great addition to the Rivelta line up, that said my only point of criticism is the 42 hours of power reserve, it is not the brands fault as the watch uses a third-party movement but as consumer, we do expect a bit more power reserve. The Metrodive is 200m of water resistance.

On the wrist

With those proportion the watch wears well in my 6.26-inch wrist, it is not a thin watch, but it has a nice presence being under 13mm. The watch comes with a nylon fabric strap with leather underside, it completes the whole monochromatic look nicely, if you want to change the look you would need a standard 20mm replacement and with the drilled holes it should not be no problem.

I wore the Metrodive for a full week, it is a perfect companion as it never looks out of place, sure it does look like a utilitarian piece, but is slim and small enough to fit plenty occasions. The legibility of the watch it’s a very strong point, the hands, numerals, and markers are stark white which contrast well with black surface, it feels like this is the cornerstone of the watch.

The water resistance really makes me understand what the watch is capable of, perhaps a bracelet option will give even more versatility, but so far, the watch feels complete in terms of design and aesthetics.


As you can imagine, I’ve enjoyed the time with the new watch from Rivelta. the versatility is one of the main points and apart from not fitting a black-tie event, the watch feels like an everyday watch to use and abuse. There are no signs of markings even if I was very careful. I've also enjoyed the low-key nature of the watch, is not flashy and there is something attractive about any kind of objects that are fit for a purpose.

The Metrodive is available in 4 variations, the 01 which has a grey matte dial with a PVD stainless steel bezel, the 02 with an all PVD black treatment, the 03 which had a black dial and stainless-steel case with the Black PVD bezel, and our beloved 04 which has the all bushed satin look, I still think is my favourite although there is something appealing the 01 (grey).

Rivelta has developed a good design language and it shows on the Metrodive, the watch feels like a diver in spirit, designed with pilot aesthetics in mind but with the capabilities of a field watch.

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Technical Specifications



Miyota 9015

+ Mechanical self winding

Diameter : 39 mm

+ Lug to Lug : 46 mm

+ Height : 13 mm

+ Lug Width : 20 mm

200 meters

+ Screw-down Crown



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