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Refined and purple: The new Alcadus Quantra Sector

Nowadays we found ourselves with many watch categories, but not so long ago, watches were more of a status symbol than a necessity and because of this, they were more elegant, less causal.

As soon as watches became more tool oriented, their robust nature became more apparent with larger cases, complications, and greater water resistance. As brash became the norm, it is safe to say that a small, simple and refined elegant accessory is always refreshing. So, when Alcadus decided to take a shot on their first dress watch we had to have a look.

We are no stranger to Alcadus watches as we previously reviewed their Dromo and Opus models. We were impressed by the quality of the dial and bracelets, so the bar was set high when we received their new Quantra Sector Series.

At a glance, the Quantra (as the name suggests) is an elegant sector dial dress watch, but there are more details to discover from the distortions of the glass to that beautiful movement visible through the case back.

Below are my thoughts on what is like to wear one of the upcoming dress pieces from this Malaysian based company. Let’s begin.

The specifications

Dress watches should be tamed, and to me nothing wears better than a 36mm round case, which is the diameter on the Quantra. There are many great watches with this size, and they work in plenty variety of wrists. The lug to lug is also generous at 44mm, it leaves plenty of clearance but also gives plenty of presence, best of both worlds. We quite enjoy the construction of the 3-part case with polished surfaced and blasted sides, it makes the watch visually more impactful.

The dial takes all the praises in our view. Purple is in, we have seen this colour trend very live lately, and the purple shade on the Quatra is something else. The colour of sector track is the right palette, it is deep and loud at the same time, it also matches nicely with the sub seconds placed at 9 o clock. The centre is a whole different story with a matte surface creating a clear separation in a subtle way. The white numerals give enough contrast with the stick hands, all works to very well.

The box sapphire crystal contains 5 layers of AR coating, and it shows, everything looks crystal clear and when you come to the edges, you will be greeted by a good amount of distortion which is a call back to plexi-glass from vintage watches. The upshot is that it won’t scratch so easily.

The movement is another part where the Quantra excels. The decorated Hangzhou Calibre 5015 has been regulated for better performance; it is very good looking. This is my first-time testing and photographing this calibre and does not disappoint, even under macro looks very high end in terms of architecture. The calibre being equipped with a micro rotor keeps the watch thin at 10.5mm which is remarkable. My only complaint would be that the watch has 42 hours of power reserve, which is not bad for a dress watch, but we would love to see a bit more.

On the wrist

As you can imagine, the watch wears perfectly on my 6.25-inch wrist. The overall proportions do feel spot on and because the bezel is so thin, the dial breathes nicely. The Quantra feels one millimetre bigger than the specifications suggest.

Although there are several versions of the Quantra, we believe that the purple is the right way to go, it is bold and easier to pair despite what the colour might suggest. It is a very dark purple but still has some punch, perfect to break an elegant attire or to enhance any type of blue, we didn’t know but purple really goes with anything.

The watch comes on a fine French handmade black leather strap, very elegant, I will be tempted to try a grey suede for the ultimate combo.


As per the review, this was a great surprise, not because we expected less from Alcadus but because is their first dress watch and they really create a well-rounded, sophisticated, and affordable piece that ticks many boxes that we watch enthusiast need. It doesn’t matter what type of watch buyer you are or what is in your collection, I am sure that there is a space for this watch. We would love to see more varieties of this Quantra Sector in terms of colours.

At the moment we have the Quatra Sector Salmon, Silver and of course or beloved Purple. All watches are available for pre order now with at 597 USD with 14% discount and delivery in June/July 2024.

Technical Specifications

Case Material:

316L Stainless Steel

Case Dimensions:


Lug to Lug:




Lug Width:



Box Sapphire Crystal (with 5 layers of inner clear AR coating)


Decorated automatic Hangzhou Calibre 5015A (regulated)

Power Reserve:

42 hours

Water Resistance:

50 meters / 5 ATM / 160 ft

Include Straps:

2 x luxurious French leather straps by Tanneries Haas

More information at


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