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Summer Vibes – The Model One from UniDesign Watch Co

Square watches with integrated bracelet present their own challenges. They could be a masterclass of elegance or a complete disaster. The main reason is that they wear bigger than they should and will usually feel bulkier than they are.

We are all inspired by those iconic models from the 70’s and it seems that every brand has their own take on the sports-chic design which to me is not a bad thing. The problem starts when brands try to copy instead of getting inspired, it all becomes a bit messy. This is the main reason that got me interested in getting hands on with the Model One from UniDesign. The Model One has all the traits from those watches we love and admire but at the same time its an original design, this is a very hard point to achieve, and I am excited to report that it worked well.

Join me to find out more about the new kid on the block.

The Specifications

Unlike other steel sports integrated watches, the Model One has a more of a rectangular shape, the case dimensions are 37mm in diameter by 35.5 in length. In my eyes this is a good thing as that end link doesn’t extend to create an uncomfortable experience.

The construction of the case is a highlight as well and this is because of the rectangular nature of the Model One. If the watch was round in shape, there is no need for brushed surfaces and sharp angles, but the people at UniDesign did a great job highlighting the transitions on the finishing making the watch look sharp.

One of the key elements of these type of watches seems to be the dial. We often encounter waffle patterns or horizontal lines but here, we have a brick style dial which I’ve never came across with. What I like about this brick pattern is that is a perfect place to put the brushed markers and doesn’t take anything away from legibility. The later is an important point as I have seen many dials in this category that make the watch illegible.

Part of the legibility is achieved by the contrast that the brushed markers and hands offer. They stand out quite a bit from the dial. The 2 empty spaces where you can see the name of the brand and the name of the watch are also completely unobtrusive.

There is a date at 3 o clock and a number twelve marker for orientation to complete the look. The screw down crown controls the automatic Miyota 9015 which is great to see here. Not only the movement manages to keep the price of the Model One down but also keeps the watch very thin.

On the wrist

With a smaller size and a thickness under 10mm, the Model One wears well on 6.25-inch wrist. It is easy to wear as it is to read. Part of this comfort is achieved by the design of the bracelet which an integral part of the watch. The bracelet has a H link design, and it is all brushed, the tolerances are very good as you can hardly spot a gap between links when the watch is on the wrist and even with this approach, the bracelet flows very well. One small complaint that I have might have is that the bracelet needed to be less sharp on the edges but again I am nitpicking here.

I wore the Model One for a full week in the office and it really is a watch you can wear anywhere. It doesn’t feel to stuffy nor too sporty, it has the right mix. The dial also comes alive when picks up light from the outside, we were fortunate to have the Santorini Blue version and I still think it is the winner over the Olive Green and Stone Grey models.

Another thing that I would like to see is an option to change straps, it would be great to put this watch on rubber, not only it will look incredible but also would be great to take swimming, it would make it the ultimate summer watch.


I feel that the Model One is a great alternative to all the watches we see on Social Media, it has all the characteristics that an integrated watch should have and also includes the originality in design that feels very refreshing, is not another copy.

The blue version to me stands out because it is not that typical shade, it is a more relaxed, it is not an in-your-face blue, adding this to the unique case shape and you have a great all-rounder.

I really enjoyed the time with this watch and we hope to see more from the brand, perhaps a different variety in colours? A red version? When a design is good, it is easy to imagine new varieties on what could be a good benchmark of what an integrated sports watch should be.

The Model One is 537 GBP and is available now at 

Technical Specifications

Case Width: 37mm x 35.5mm

Case Thickness: 9.8mm

Lug to Lug: 46mm

Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflection

Case Material: Stainless Steel 316L (Surgical Grade)

Case Back: Stainless Steel 316L

Water Resistance: 10ATM

Crown: Screw down

Lume: Swiss Super Luminova

Movement: Automatic Miyota 9015




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