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Wide angles and sharp edges - The Valour from RZE

A new design language in the watch world is always welcome, this is not the first time that I review an RZE piece,

and I have to say that they always surprise me, from their price point to their execution they are unique in every aspect. Their use of titanium is great, their dial details are also in par with the whole watch so when they announce that they were making a meca-quartz chronograph in a panda configuration I really wanted to try it on. The Valour is their latest piece, it comes in 3 varieties, a salmon dial with black indicators, an all-black with yellow accents and crisp white dial that we currently have in our hands. The beauty/advantage of meca-quartz watches (at least for us watch nerds) is that they have the best of both worlds, accuracy but also a mechanical feeling, here are our impressions with this fresh piece.

The specifications:

The Valour is full of specifications that are impossible to match at this price range, the case is 42mm which is great for an everyday wear, the thickness is under 13mm, but the best number is the 48mm lug to lug, with these dimensions and a titanium case the watch really disappears on the wrist in terms of weight and always present given that the dials are one of a kind. The watch is powered by the SII VK64 movement, which is reliable and easy to operate, the feeling of the pushers is as good as any mechanical movement and snaps sharply and precisely. The watch legibility is also helped by the use of BGW superluminova, blue and clear. I enjoyed also how symmetrical the dial is, the date is at six, a bi-compax layout and even the pushers look like hidden on the crown side.

On the wrist:

With a flat profile and a short lug to lug the watch wears nicely on my 6.25-inch wrist, it is a very similar profile that a professional Speedmaster has, the texture dials with the applied indices really give a quality vibe to the piece. The Valour comes with a premium rubber strap, but the great novelty is that it can also come with a full titanium bracelet, yes, solid in full titanium, I cannot think of another brand not only at this price point but even 3x the price that offers such an accessory. I received many complements while using this piece, it was great when I went to the gym, but it was also great to use it on normal activities like going to the supermarket or dinner, it's an sportive watch but also a versatile one, a great example is that the case has drilled lug to interchange straps in seconds.


You can really tell that I've enjoyed my time with this new offering from RZE, I currently don’t have a chronograph in my collection, and I think this really ticks all the boxes, its handsome and easy to wear, the panda layout is very hot at this moment and it would be nice to have a titanium case as a daily wearer.

People say that divers are the most useful complication in the watch world, but an accurate chronograph in my book cannot be beaten, there is something about the Valour that screams quality and adventure, I would be more than happy to take this guy on a trip for a few days as an only watch, which makes me wonder, is there a GMT in the horizon for RZE watches? Hopefully yes as I am sure it would include their secret sauce.


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