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Vintage Inspired: The Zenith Surf Cal 2572PC

Now this was a difficult picture, is a black and white picture, then modify it with cream and the original color of the background, this is a Bose speaker. The Dial seems painted but is an effect from the App Prisma

The Zenith SURF, I was drawn to this watch so fast that it was scary. For me it offered a great value, great heritage and awesome looks! The movement is self winding but I have to say is probably one of the best movements in my collection, not in terms of complications of course but in terms of smoothness and speed of the hands, this watch is like nothing else I have tested before (not that I am a guru). Even the date has changes backwards and forwards, I have to say this is a great choice. I have paired with a nato strap and is business.

More about the Picture:

This is the back of a BOSE speaker, I took a black and white picture and left the other with no color (hence the orange and beige) then I applied a little creamy color to it, hope you enjoy it.

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