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Borealis Lusitano – Going back to golden era       

There are watches that can make you go back in time. We have seen quite a bit of retro vintage inspiration in the last few years, but I have to say that most of these reinterpretations, are based on divers and chronographs, they are not looking into the everyday casual dress watch. This is the main reason why I wanted to get hands on the new Borealis Lusitano, this year I already had my fair share of sportiness and roughness from some models. I wanted something a bit classier, a bit more refined, basically not a tool watch.

The name Lusitano is borrowed from one of the oldest breeds of Portuguese horses, tall handsome and elegant at the same time. The Lusitano from Borealis was a great surprise as its departures from their usual tool-oriented watches and it dives into what could be an everyday watch. Join me to uncover the details of this new timepiece.


The size of the watch usually defines what is meant to be doing. We have seen in the past few years, that 39mm is the perfect side for a GADA (go anywhere do anything watch) and the Lusitano stays in this number. The lug to lug is 47mm and those lugs really hug the wrist as they pull down quite a bit from the case.

The dial in encapsulated on a double domed sapphire crystal and it looks as intricate as a watch that costs at least 4 times the price. The texture of the pie pan dial looks like a thick paper, perhaps fabric, but anyhow, it is an impressive look that mimics a style of the 50s with iconic dials of the present. You can say that they are as impressive as those found in the popular Grand Seiko Snowflake reference SBGA211, and to us that is a great compliment. I hope you are enjoying the macros to understand where I am coming from.

The handset is sharp and includes superluminova application. The framed date a 3’ o clock makes everything cohesive and of course with a grey dial, everything looks monochromatic, which lately I am a big fan off.

The watch is powered by the Miyota 8315 which is a great surprise too. The movement has a self-winding rotor and offers 60 hours of power reserve. This last point has been a big criticism from my side to many of brands I review, it is time to get those power reserve up! So 60 hours is very refreshing, I am happy.

On the wrist

I wanted to get to this part, and I wanted to get here fast. The comfort of the Lusitano, to me seems to be one of its biggest points. With the shape of the lugs and a thickness of 12.6 which includes the domed crystal, the watch already wears great on my 6.25-inch wrist. But the best part is the beads of rice bracelet. The bracelet not only matches the retro style of the watch, but it also drapes like silk, it is that good, the milled clasp and solid end links are the sole reminder that this is a modern piece.

I wore the Lusitano to my office for a full week and it doesn’t disappoint. With divers and chronographs, you always end up pressing the pushers or turning the bezel just for the sake of it, with a causal piece like the Borealis, you really enjoy the dial, the proportions, you do not get distracted.

The watch is very legible, and the colour scheme is what I really like about it, is not loud but is not boring either, it’s a watch that does what it was design to do.


As you might be aware I am a big fan of Borealis, I think they are still one of the few brands that offer quality at a price that is hard to match, and they have been around for a bit. The Lusitano is no exception, is a watch that can be worn in an elegant environment and causally as an everyday piece. The solidity of the case and bracelet are very impressive and when is compared to more upscale watches, it feels that is worth much more.  The Lusitano is available to pre-order now and it will come in Black, Blue, Salmon, White and of course our spectacular grey. The price of the Lusitano is 260 GBP.

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Technical Specifications:

Size and Form: The microbrand Borealis Lusitano, with a case diameter of 39mm and a lug-to-lug dimension of 47m, is crafted with distinctive dog-leg style lugs, ensuring a comfortable and elegant presence on the wrist with a thickness including the double domed sapphire crystal of 12.60mm.

Movement: Powered by a Miyota 8315 automatic movement, it offers a substantial 60-hour power reserve and a hacking feature, ensuring precision and reliability in every tick.

Crystal and Case: The domed sapphire crystal and 316L stainless steel case not only provide a robust and durable enclosure but also ensure that every glance at the time is a journey through a clear and timeless window.

Bracelet: The 316L stainless steel "beads of rice" bracelet, with a quick adjustment feature, ensures that the Lusitano is not only a comfortable fit but also a versatile companion for every adventure.



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