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Special for everyday – The Companion – Sartori Watches

A grail watch, a special watch is something that we watch collectors aspire to have. But the reality is that when you achieve this milestone, you hardly wear the watch that you always intended to have. The main reason is because it would become too precious, you’ll be scared to scratch it or damage it, and as consequence you end up wearing watches that you didn’t intend to.

This predicament has happened to me many times and to be honest I do not think is going to change anytime soon, so the answer is to get a piece that you enjoy every day, built memories with it, and eventually fall in love for it.

This is when I came across The Companion by Sartori Watches. I am not saying that this is a watch that you should buy because you do not want to wear your holy grail, what I am saying is that with time, it will win you over, it could become even more special.

When I first saw the images of The Companion, I got it quite quickly, the colours were vibrant and the design very distinctive, unique enough to get your attention. There is a lot to like from the upcoming Kickstarter model from Sartori Watches. Join me to discover the details.

The Specifications

The case diameter of The Companion 41mm, which makes it easier to fit a variety of wrists and also good for everyday wear. The matte stainless-steel case looks utilitarian and sleek, the bezel has a very different shape, it is fixed but feels like it would be a good design for a diving bezel, who knows maybe in the future?

The dial has a field watch design, it is very legible, and the inner track has the 24 hours markers and then on the outside a normal 12-hour indicator. An integrated well framed date completes the symmetrical look of The Companion, everything looks where it should be. It is worth noting that there is a chapter ring with the seconds indication, and yet despite the amount of numbers displayed on the dial, the Companion doesn’t feel crowded.

The syringe hands are a nice touch and just like the numerals, they are filled with Superluminova BGW9, all glowing nice and blue. If you check out the macro shots, you will appreciate the details better, the finishing is quite nice with a very clean dial.

Powering The Companion is the reliable Miyota Caliber 9015 with 38 hours of power reserve, although we think that this is something that could be addressed, the calibre is nice and thin giving the watch a thickness of 11.5mm. The watch also has a 100 meters of water resistance, making justice to its everyday capability.

On the wrist

Giving its dimensions, the watch wears well on my 6.25 inch wrist. Is not too big nor small to be used in a variety of occasions. As you can see from the pictures, we were lucky to have hands on with the red dial, it might not be the most versatile but to us is the one that looks more special, it is a nice red shade with a striking metallic finishing. I think it goes well with a sportier attire. You also have available a green, blue, silver, and purple variants.

Part of the comfort is also due to the strap. It is made of canvas webbing with calf leather to support the notches, all well-made and including quick strap release. I feel like these types of straps are becoming more popular by the day, and an added touch is that they match the dial.


As we mentioned at the beginning, a watch has to have something very special to occupy your wrist every day. I enjoy that ‘worry free’ mentality by using a watch that can take a beating and this is pretty much where The Companion sits. The proportions and built quality are there, and with a variety of colours there are also plenty of options to choose from.

We think that this is a project that has been carefully crafted and we cannot wait to see what is coming next for Sartori.

The Kickstarter price will be 318 GBP and check more details at 

Technical Specifications

Case Diameter:

41mm (40mm case bezel)

Dial Colour:

Black, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, White/Black

Case Material:

Stainless steel

Case Height:




Water Resistance:

10 ATM (100 meters)


Miyota cal.9015


Power Reserve:

42 hours



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