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There is something about Rolex and I think I know what it is...

Rolex is a brand that everyone has an opinion of, many of us love it but others don't. In the watch world people are always trying to find alternatives and non 'hommage' watches that make you smile the same way that you do when you see that little crown at 12 o'clock. Why is so difficult to have a similar feeling with other watches? you can argue that Pathek Phillipe is as special as Rolex but we are talking about a watch that could cost easily 50% more. Rolex is special not because is Rolex, it is special because they are good at evolving, with Rolex you can trace the linage in almost every watch, take a look at the GMT Master II, people lust for the vintage version but the newest one from Baselworld is by far the best technological achievement of the model  since its original launch in the mid 50's. People also say it is because they have been in the watchmaking game for ever but Rolex is not as old as Blancpain or Longines, they are a much younger brand. There is also the way they challenge established complications or features, for example crown protectors, directional bezels and screw down caseback existed way before the Submariner, but it was Rolex who put them all inside one watch. Then the constant pursuit of doing everything in house, we can agree that lately there is a trend of in house movements to avoid relying on ETA for parts but Rolex has been doing this for a bit now, this self exercise includes not only movements but things like operating its own foundry, this is indeed special. Given all of the above, I purchase an entry level Rolex! I love my Rolex precision, a simple manual movement with three hands on a 34 mm oyster case, I feel lucky to have a small part of their history, this watch has been serviced by Rolex and they overhauled the whole watch so it lost a little bit of the original magic but it looks so new that it brings a mixture of vintage and reliability. It houses a caliber 6426 and is a dream to wind. Hopefully I gave you a little bit of sugar regarding this fascinating company. People usually think that Rolex is just a brand but is so much more, is a company that strides for perfection and evolution, can you imagine what the Submariner would look in 20 years? what the movement will be like? I bet they have a good idea by now.

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