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A work of art from a romantic brand: the Oris rectangular complication

Heritage, for some people this is the first thing that comes to mind when they buy a watch, how old is the company? , how many greatest hits does it have? and how much of this heritage are you actually paying. To be fair is the same with almost everything, from cars to food. I am sure that a black prancing horse on the wheel has more effect on your inner child than a simple Toyota “T”, this is what I mean when I say romance. A Ferrari is expensive, they also say ( I do not own one) that is harder to drive and definitely more unreliable so the Toyota should be the first choice if we take speed out of the equation but that leaves us with design(where true romance lies). This is why I believe Oris is like a great Toyota but with more design cues that many other companies out there, several greatest hits and of course heritage. Everyone knows Oris from its Aquis collection and that red rotor but they have also been around since 1904, owned at some point by the LeCoultre family and rocking from table clocks to rugged pilots and divers pieces. I decided that classic is the way to enjoy this brand, this beautiful rectangular watch with calendar and GMT function has everything you need on a business trip but they cherry on the top is that moonphase complication, probably is the most pointless complication in the whole watch industry, when Blancpain decided to do a moonphase in the middle of the quartz crisis people thought the have gone mad, probably they think the same when they see this watch : “an Oris moonphase?, he should have gone for the diver”, but again romance is not rational right?

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