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Delay flights and how I discover the Hublot Classic Fusion

Delays... if you are on time to the airport probably your flight is delay and if you are late then probably your flight is on time. This is always happening to me, so what I decided from now on is to go to the airport a little bit early and check out the great offerings on watches. After a security check I put my headphones on, grab a coffe and head to visit Rolex, Cartier and other boutiques like Watches of Switzerland, the amount of watches you can see are amazing! on a normal day whenever I have a few minutes to spare I jump into Chrono24 or Instagram to see pictures but to see them in the flesh is so much better. I am not the guy who goes into a store and pretend is going to buy, I am straight with the salesperson and tell him/her that I am just looking and also that I am a watch aficionado, they usually relate to my honesty and they are happy to show me some nice watches (also to try them on). One thing that I have noticed is that airport watch shops are always empty, not sure why, I guess not many people will spend 1000+ GBP as an impulse but if you plan ahead of your trip you can get a real bargain with the tax exemption. Also the employees are alone and not having an exciting time so more power to you on engaging a cool conversation with them. Last Monday I was flying back from Paris and of course my flight was delay but to be fair CDG airport has one of the best facilities ever: around 10 free arcade machines! playstation and Xbox and many watch shops, this is how I discovered (probably) my next watch, the Hublot Classic Fusion.

This watch is so different than the typical big bangs which are very loud (at least for me), this Hublot really offers something different which is a ''fusion'' from the Jean-Claude Biver era and Carlo Crocco classy design cues. It wears like a normal piece but looks like a tone down version of the Big Bang, best of 2 worlds. The only downside is the movement, do not get me wrong is the Sellita movement inside is quite capable a good way to keep cost down, it would nice to see an in house varient but I am happy with the offering as it allows the consumer ( me) to enjoy what is one of the best made watch case in the business today, I almost forgot to mention that the watch is made of Titanium and 38 mm, than really seals the deal. Suddenly I heard that my flight is leaving and I knew that this Hublot would be on my mind for the days to come.

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