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Bvulgari: how to avoid waiting lists and stop vintage trends

It's been a while since I wrote an article and that is because it has been a bit hectic lately, that said I have so many cool stories to talk about and some new watches experiences to share. Since Baselworld not many things have changed in my taste for watches but something that has caught my eye lately and this is Bulgari or Bvulgari if you really want to be precise. This powerhouse of luxury goods its easily overlook not only by the watch connoisseurs but also by the average watch consumer, this creates a problem for Bulgari but also an opportunity for us, Bulgari sales ( for watches) are doing very good according the latest LVMH report but I am sure that this brand is capable of more, everything began with me walking into a Rolex shop in London and had the audacity to ask is they have a Submariner no date, the guy in the counter looked at me like I was crazy, then repeat the same in Madrid, Milan, US and Asia, the result was exactly the same but one of the guys at the Madrid Airport told me: ''look, we don't get steel sports here but why don't you try Bulgari, they have the Octo in stock and I have to tell you it's amazing'', that statement coming from a Rolex dealer meant something to me so I decided to check it out. I was aware of Bulgari and commitment to watches, all the accolades won lately but I always had that horrible view on fashion brands putting their names to cheap produced watches (sorry Versace, Gucci, Armani and Tommy) but in the meantime while we live in a world with a high demand for steel sports watches like Rolex , we consumer can now walk into a Bulgari boutique and come out with an Octo Finissimo or and Octo in steel or titanium, I know the GMT's and Daytona's have dominated the market in terms of resale and demand value but in my eyes in unfair to compare Bulgari with Rolex, yes I love Rolex and yes their heritage and quality are outstanding but Bulgari is so much more, to me Bulgari is high end goods and only comparable ( I am going to get killed by this) to Piaget, Ulysses Nardin and at some level comparable to H Moser. Also take into account that the Octo has Genta pedigree and then you have a real contender to the 3 big boys, I would rather strap that Octo Finissimo any day before a Royal Oak Jumbo (sorry guys). I love watches and therefore I love the vintage look and all that goes with it, but Bulgari is making modern pieces like Ulysses Nardin with Le freak and MB&F with all their designs, classic is always good but don't you think is time to look forward and enjoy new designs? Get away from

Speedmasters limited editions or fake patina ( which I love) that is used to evoke a time when we were not even alive? The future looks amazing look at all the architecture around us today, I know people love the coliseum and its impressive but when you look at the technology and planning to make the Taipei 101 you start wondering where our eyes should be focused...

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