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Game, set and match : the Maurice de Mauriac Stan Smith signature watch

There are many associations with the world of watches weather is racing or diving in my opinion sports is one of the most true subjects out there. Any sport needs to be timed so the relationship of this duo is based on necessity and that is true still today. Yes, instruments have become more accurate and atomic clocks took almost all that romanticism of clicking the chronograph pusher when a car or an athlete goes across the finish line but that doesn’t mean that we have to forget how beautiful all was. Given that these days mechanical watches aren't as accurate as the technology used today, watch brands have been using the sports theme to commemorate occasions like a races, a match or even an athlete, some of the best examples are the Tag Heuer Monaco or the Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf, to me this union is a great reminder that the watch/sport alliance is here to stay. So how about tennis? the game is so immersed with the world of watches that is hard to forget its importance in the luxury arena (thank you Rolex) but that means that there are many other brands present, enter Maurice de Mauriac.

When I first review Maurice de Mauriac (the Modern chrono Bronze) I was astonished by the quality and precision of the piece, this made me wonder what else was on offer on their extensive catalogue? I was quickly drawn to this white and green steel piece (also in blue and red) which reminded me to a pair of shoes, could that be coincidence? Well no, the Stan Smith Signature watch is inspired by the tennis legend Stan Smith which is known by winning not 1 but 2 grand slams, yes he is well know for his relationship with Adidas but lets not forget that many great modern players wish to win even only 1 of these 4 great mayors, yes I digressed but I love the game.

Coming back to the watch I couldn’t believe how refreshing it looked, not only because of the colors but because of it's design and how the inspiration was present by not overpowering the whole project, the watch did not it felt like a gimmick, this watch is a truly special piece.

The specifications:

The case is 42mm and it has a trick on it's sleeve which is the minute track on the dial, the markers of the minutes are outside of the watch making it feel smaller than 42mm which is a great thing, the size is already very wearable but visually it looks as compact and precise as Wilson Pro staff racquet.

The case is a 316 stainless steel with sating finish giving that very pleasant light silver color housing an Automatic Swiss movement (ETA-28.24-2) which is visible trough the sapphire case back. On the back the theme continues with the Stan Smith logo making you remember the privilege of owning a limited edition object. The watch comes with 2 straps but we kept it on the green and white nato which suits the whole tennis vibe.

On the wrist:

As mentioned with 42mm and that reverse minute track the watch is as simple and beautiful as the tennis itself. The dial is the real star of the show or should I say court? The white color is nice and bright making a great contrast with the black markers, you have a Stan Smith signature at 6 o clock and a date window at 3.

Everything looks well balanced, very long syringe hands pointing out to the track (the hour hand) and the other pointing outside to the dots (the minute hand), but the detailed I love the most is the seconds hands, a lollipop style hands which uses SuperLuminova to mimic a tennis ball, so simple but at the same time so effective. When the watch goes into the dark there is no denying that this is a work of art, the Stan Smith signature watch is so legible that will put many pilots instruments to shame.


Stan the man is known for many things but all of them have something in common and it's not the white and green, it the is quality on everything he represents, with Maurice de Mauriac on this project it was meant to be this way, the watch is well crafted as all the pieces offered by the brand.

I loved my time with the Stan Smith Signature watch, it was so different but at the same time so easy to pull off that I hardly worn another watch, the beautiful light grey case contrasting with the glossy white dial plus the green strap really made me feel like I had a unique piece that could stand out from the crowd in a world full of dive watches. Maurice de Mauriac is doing something great here, they are bringing watchmaking and an icon together, there is not denying that this is an amazing combination, no need for a tie break, this one is a winner.


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