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The right stuff from China - Atellier Wen - Hao

When we read the words ‘’made in China” we ussually think that the product is mass produced and badly made, but because of the low price we accept that it would do just fine. This pre- conception sometimes can be right but it can also be wrong, Chinese culture is one of the oldest and beautiful out there with some real great legacies from calligraphy, architecture to porcelain, so how about Chinese watchmaking? We do find that China is one of the main suppliers for the watch industry today but they started around 1955 with factories around the country backed up by government initiative, today we can see many offerings from the Middle Kingdom but because the mechanical watch making suffered also the quartz crisis, quality and uniqueness have become a scarce commodity. This is where I found Atelier Wen, 2 enthusiasts not only

on horology but also on Chinese culture, their aim was to create a fully Chinese product that screams quality and not mass production, the Hao white blue for me represents all I love from classic watchmaking. I was lucky to have a full hands on with this beauty and here are the impressions.

The specifications:

The size of the watch is spot on, a 39mm steel case with 11.7mm

thickness gives presence but also elegance, part of this is achieved by a combination of brushed and polished surfaces which matches what to me it’s the best: the dial. The dial is what really got me, a beautiful white porcelain styled on Chinese Qinghua, why no one had a go on this combination before I have no idea but it’s perfect! The dial is very crisp and with blue accents makes one of he most legible ones I have encountered, a sub second at 6 o clock makes the dial even more refined, letting you know you have something special, something crafted to your specifics. The blue leaf heated hands complete the package, it couldn’t be another way. The blue dominates the white in the sun but at night the white stands out like a full moon on a winter night.

On the wrist:

It’s no wonder with such proportions the watch wears incredible well, it’s the perfect blend between sporty and casual but I am sure that in any occasion it would be a conversation piece.

On my 6.25 inch wrist the Hao wears proudly and that dial shines like nothing else I’ve wear so far, another great thing about the piece is the leather strap, it’s confortable and well made with a luxurious feeling, even the buckle gets the royal treatment with brushed and polished edges making it look as sharp as a new razor.


So what do I think in overall? The watch is not trying to be anything that is not, it’s classical and well made with lots of attention to detail which in my eyes makes it perfect, the execution is flawless and I don’t think I have encountered something

similar at this price range or even higher, I forgot to mention that the watch is limited to 250 pieces and this particular version is sold out, there is a red, green and even purple version of this breathtaking object, they are all beautiful and they all have the same wow factor.

I really enjoyed my time with The Hao, it’s a piece that can fit in any collection, perfect and subtle, it’s a nod to the past based on quality and craftsmanship, it’s a real winner.

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