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Straps and Cases - safe on the go and entertained at home

It has being a while since I travelled this year so, I have no real need on the accessories used when I visited another country but, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t used them at home, gym or even on a quick meeting with your fellow watch enthusiast. Here below are my must have accessories which not only take care of your investment but they would also look good anywhere you are, no travel clocks on this one though.

The Clam case

We as watch nerds, usually travel with 2 watches, one on the wrist and the other one inside a shoe on a suitcase. This always gave me a bad feeling when I dispatch my bag or put it in the back of the car, is a valuable piece and is out of reach, unprotected. The Clam case is one of the most stylish, durable and functional accessories you can add, if you think about it, a clam shape or even the principle makes so much sense to the watch world, keeping valuable things safe and just like oysters it has a good name/reputation on our community. The case comes in 4 vibrant colors but it was the green that really stood out to me, as a current Rolex owner I couldn’t help to associate this beautiful palette with the corporate green of the Geneva based brand. I've used the Clam case to go to the gym and also for a small gateway to the country side.

The velvet interior with the compact size makes it easy to store almost anywhere, the green knitted fabric makes the case dust/splash proof. It is also ideal for any watch size, I am currently using it for my Panerai Luminor PAM003 and also for my Rolex oyster perpetual 36mm, two different watches but protected the same way, the case holds up watches up to 50mm so even larger watches could be stored. In addition the case comes with a microfiber cloth and 2 foam inserts to keep the watch in place while you are traveling. The color and the shape really won me over, watches are a valuable assets so why not protect it with a luxury case? more info at:

The Wolf box

When I started this hobby I didn’t realize I was going to need a watch box but when you hold more than 3 watches and they are all lying around the house, just then, you can call yourself a collector and with the need of one. Watch boxes are easy to find, there are many and I owned the usual eBay 9.99 GBP and let me tell you, I wish I had the Wolf from the beginning. The Box is perfect not only in style but also in construction, I opted for the 15 slots one with plum or regal interior (depending who you ask) version in black leather, I have to say it looks great. The box holds space for watches of any size, I was concerned at the beginning as the cushions are very small but it can hold my Jean Richard at 44mm with ease as the separation between the spaces is spot on. The box has many features as a glass cover and a lock, who needs to lock their watches for safety on a box you can carry? I don’t know but sure it does look cool.

The purple look subtle but funky at the same time, it has that air of sophistication that the orange one did not had for me, it was not easy to choose between the 2 colors but I think the purple interior matches better with the watch faces I currently own. It a joy to take out of the shelf, put in on a table and tell stories about why you have this crazy obsession with watches, I've seen the faces of people when you tell the details of a piece and they look at you like you lost your wheels or perhaps like you are the most passionate individual on the room, hopefully the latter would be more common.

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The Vario watch straps

There is no secret that I found Vario watches one of the best executed watches when it comes to vintage style pieces, their attention to detail is great and as a currently owner of a manual wound Eclipse in pink, I can tell you that they perform as well as they look, but Vario did not start with watches, it began with straps and accessories and this attention to details also extends here.

The quality of their nato with a satin finish matches and surpasses any eBay buy you can find, great colors and durability. When it comes to their silicone straps the appearance cannot be beaten plain and simple, this are one of the softest silicon aftermarket straps I've tired, very vibrant colors with a option to change the buckle to black, rose or steel, the green one was a particular favorite, looks great on any tool watch I currently own part from the Grand Seiko which has 19mm lugs (thank you GS). Now we come what to me is the best value/quality strap on the market, probably Hodinkee straps are the reference for vintage leather but they cost 3x the price. Vario Straps with their quick release and tapered ends makes any watch ( and I do mean any) look sophisticated, the black one with white stitching is as classy as you get, the grey is sporty but classy and then the sand one just looking as vintage as possible. Watch straps are a great way to reconnect with a watch (and a much cheaper alternative than buying a new one), it transforms the look and feel and with the right color and attitude you'll good to go.

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The Vario watch Roll

The Clam case is a beautiful accessory for a weekend gateaway but what if you travel for longer or you go to a watch meeting? Then a watch roll would be a good idea, enter the Vario wool watch roll, a great accessory to travel with 6 pieces. As mentioned the watch roll holds up to 6 watches and in a grey wool fabric looks business, I like leather but the simplicity of this particular version puts my mind at ease and as is not leather, the water would not do the same damage to it. An elastic band keeps everything in place and with minimum branding (just a tag reading Vario at the end) makes it more understated than those with the initials of the owner carved in, a bit over the top in my opinion.The wool grey color matches the winter vibe perfectly making its elegant, it's warm and reminds me of the Harries Tweed straps that they also sell (shameless plug). A watch roll is definitely a good idea, sometimes 15 slots or an extra carrying case wouldn't be enough in this crazy hobby so an extra space (in this case 6) it is always welcome.

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