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A tailored made field watch - JP Custom Splatter series

Some watches struggle to find its identity, they are complicated and oversized, I like big watches but when I see diver which is also a chronograph my mind can’t decide weather is good for diving or good for racing, kind of like an amphibious car.

I think the best kind of watches are the ones that can do one or two things only but they do it right, Rolex is the best example for this, great watches, not the most complicated ones but they are very reliable and well made, there is no point of doing a perpetual calendar if is going to break every time you set it up, I know I am being drastic but hopefully you'll get my point. Field watches to me are the purest form of a watch, there are so many classics like the Seiko Alpinist or the Rolex Explorer which are so simple but yet so classic and it is this simplicity is what makes them so attractive. This is not the first time I review a JP custom made watch, the first one happened to be their Bronze Vintage Diver and it was a threat, this time we opted for the purest form of a watch, 39mm short lug to lug, bronze case and of course that signature California dial.

The watch in for review is the JP Cali-031 Splatter Series, I haven't been able to take this beauty out of my wrist for the past 2 weeks and here below are the impressions of what could be the best value bronze watch in the market today.

The specifications:

As I mentioned above the watch is 39mm which in today's world is called perfection, the beautiful and simple piece is made of solid CuSn8 bronze, the color of the case has started to change and it's looking glorious, ready to go out for an adventure, ready to take a beating.

The watch has a lot of hidden details despite being a 3 hand watch, a crosshair in the middle of the signature California dial makes the watch look as cool as anything and then we have the amazing finished chapter ring. The watch is part of JP's splatter series, the chapter starts as a matte black piece which then is painted by hand with 4 different colors, this means that you'll get a very unique watch not only when the bronze case ages but with the pattern at the edge of the dial. The JP Cali-031 Splatter Series plays a military theme borrowing Mil Spec sub hands and two triangles indicators at 12 and 6 o'clock for orientation. The movement has a reliable Seiko NH35 movement which has been performing extremely well and of course there are no surprises here.

On the wrist:

With 39mm as the magic number and a lug to lug distance under 50mm the watch wears incredible on my 6.25 inch wrist, very easy to pull on for a full day.

The white and black contrast of the dial with no date gives a true vintage look adding a touch of modernity, the case ages beautifully while the dial remains crisp, a great style for almost every occasion. The case back and the crown don’t have any engravings, in my eyes this makes the watch even more attractive, a real tool and not a marketing exercise. The Cali Splatter series comes with a vintage brown leather strap and suits the whole military vibe, it contours the wrist comfortably with a Panerai style buckle which add even more character to the modified timepiece.


Bronze watches are becoming more and more popular but still there is a high premium for one of the most important metals on earth, what JP custom is offering here is a great package with a great design that I think it can't be beat at its price point which is under 300 GBP.

I would recommend to check out JP Custom shop for other offerings in steel and also divers but to me this version is the one I felt for. The Cali Splatter ticks a lot of boxes with its unique pattern and case proportions, add the bronze case and a California dial and it would be more evident why I have been wearing the watch non-stop, there is something great about having a custom made watch, it feels very special and I am sure it can be added to any collection.


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