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Back to basics - The Beu Raw Solid series

Last time we reviewed Beu watches we had the privilege to do the founders edition in 40mm, it had everything you could wish for an everyday watch. I was curious after such a compelling offer what else could the team at Beu do. If you think of any iconic watch design the case material is one of the first things that comes to mind, think Calatrava and immediately gold pops-up or steel when the Submariner comes to mind, perhaps bronze when the word Luminor is mentioned. These are the best materials for watches so logically the Raw series cases take an inspiration on them, the bronze is rough and beautiful while the steel is very minimalistic and the gold is sophisticated ready to impress on any

situation. Of course this

trick of using different finishes only works when you have an amazing case design, the Solid is one of those cases, different but at the same time works almost everywhere, it is true that the full range is aim to active lifestyle but in a modern world they can blend in as much as possible. We were lucky to receive the full range to review and below are our impressions.

The specifications:

The Solid Raw comes in 2 sizes 36mm and 40mm, I believe they are

both unisex watches although the 40mm fits better for men. The case is a masterpiece, both of them have solid lugs which means that you can use them with any nato strap available, it doesn’t need to be a OEM but is worth mention that they do some pretty advanced ones with what they call swichtstrap technology. The case is fully brushed in all 3 versions. The movement inside is not your typical quartz offer, it is a Miyota Super 2036 which has an accuracy of ±15 sec per month, after casing. No lume and no distractions just plain simple time, raw as described.

The action happens on a simple dial but beautiful dial, the 12 markers give a nice depth impression on the concave face, all the dials regardless of the color matches perfectly with the case, it makes everything feel like one piece, one color and no contrast, the result is incredible creating an extremely legible piece.

On the wrist:

The watches wear like a dream on my 6.25 inch wrist. The crown at 3 o'clock is the only asymmetry detail that the watch has, it looks and it feels like great to operate. As per the dimension the watch, has 11mm thick with dramatically downward lugs, it sits very flat while hugging your wrist. To me the Solid Raw is one of the watches that would feel at home on any wrist and this is taking into account many watches regardless of the price point, I am sure this is no coincidence, a lot of work must have been put to make the case feel so ergonomic. The welded lugs completes the Raw look making it feel like a tool watch and not something that you have to be careful when is out in the wild.


The Raw collection doesn’t feel like a strip down version from the founders edition, it feels like its own line, I am glad that Beu decided to experiment with different finished because it really gives the opportunity of the case design to stretch its legs.

It is a gamble to start making watches with the same design in different materials but I believe for this case is was well worth it, the amount of combinations that you can do with different straps, cases and sizes makes the Solid Raw one of the most versatile watches offered today, the full catalogue feels complete and unrepetitive, how did they achieve this with one case design? I am still trying to figure that out while I enjoy wearing one of the best daily watches we have review so far.


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