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A 44mm beast which looks incredible - The Visitor Dunshore Shallows

There are many round watches in this hobby, yes I love them but sometimes it gets a bit repetitive, that is not the

only problem, the big issue is that is hard to find any alternatives for them. There are the usual suspects like Bulgari or Panerai which have a distinctive none traditional case but the prices are quite high which makes me wonder: ''what if you want a modern non-round watch at a price that is reasonable?''

Well enter the Dunshore Shallows from Visitor, is a unique design with a case that looks and feels as modern as anything I've tried lately. This is not my first Visitor reviewed and I have to say that they are starting to developed a great design language that cannot be found anywhere else. The Dunshore is a big diver that looks ready to take on the likes of the Panerai Submersible but with-out breaking the bank, I think it does have what it takes, let's have a look.

The watch as mentioned is 44mm which is not a small one but the lug to lug which is under 52mm keeps it easy to wear on my 6.25 inch wrist. The dial is incredible, those lume plot markers really stand out and make it look like a true tool watch with a bit of refinement, the classic Visitor hands and no date on the dial complete a very symmetrical package which makes it look ready for any occasion weather is diving or just hanging out on a beach, definitely a maritime watch with its 200m of water resistance. The Dunshore is powered by a Miyota 9039 which makes it very reliable and also keeps the cost down, perfect for everyday use. The watch can be sourced with an great silicon strap which has one of the coolest pin buckles I've seen and with a mesh strap which also has one of the best clasps I've seen in a while, all here is different and this is what brings the real value to the Visitor, its uniqueness.

On my wrist:

There is no way around the fact that the watch is big but it is meant to be like that, and it looks great. The cushion case really hugs my wrist and with the rubber strap the watch feels like nothing else I've worn lately.

The creases on the side of the case and the pointed drilled lugs gives an incredible design vibe that makes the watch feel incredibly ergonomic, you can find a lot of well thought/purpose details in the Dunshore making me think how much time the design team at Visitor spent creating this beautiful beast.


A lot of people in the watch world are currently saying that with the vintage trend being so hot people are starting to forget to do new products, everything is a re issue with a nostalgia shot, it's great to see watches like the Dunshore Shallows, seeing a new design language is always refreshing and Visitor has being

doing a great job creating pieces that look like anything else, I enjoyed quite a bit my time with the watch and I can't wait what's coming next for the brand, I am sure that there are some great things ahead so better stay tuned.

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