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A dial that shines like no other- The Bell and Ross BR05 Copper Brown

The salmon craze has been with us for a while now and to be honest, I think is here to stay. Just like green dials, almost every brand is offering a salmon dial and that is a good thing, Breitling has the lovely Datora, Omega has the elegant De Ville Prestige, Oris and Montblanc also added those beautiful pinks palettes to their line up and even Grand Seiko started to shine with their Shunbun Spring Drive. All of these dials have different shades, textures and diameters, I have handled the majority of these watches, so I was really keen to see what Bell and Ross had to offer with their newest line up addition, the BR05 Copper Brown. As a spoken fan of the brand and their tool watches, the ''dressy'' nature of the BR05 case was always intriguing, I was lucky enough to try their BR05 skeleton green with their rubber strap and it felt incredible, the diameter and comfort was outstanding for me, but I was always keen to try that steel bracelet, and what better way to do that with a copper dial? I was talking with Bell and Ross at their launch event in London and I asked them: ‘’why don't you try a green matte dial or a salmon dial for the BR05 line up?’’, I got a smile and a: ''come with me..'' embargo look, after short walk, there it was, not the green but the pink/coper/brown/salmon version of it, it was mind-blowing and finally I got my hands on this beauty, hope you enjoy the macros and my impressions with this everyday piece.

The specifications

A square case is always difficult to explain but with a 40mm by 40mm you can be sure it fits almost any wrist, the BR05 case feels like a natural transition from their Instruments line up, the details and finishing never disappoint, they are at a quality level of watches that are double the price. The dial is where everything comes alive, the brushed surface and light play varies every second, but not compromising on the legibility, the contrast between hands and dial are spot on, and matching colour date (thank you B&R) is there when you need it but not noticeable all the time. The screw down crown gives the BR05 100 meters of water resistance to the BR-CAL.321 which is visible through the case back. I really enjoy how the Super Luminova interacts with the Copper Brown dial, usually these types of dials are made for a dressier feel but I believe Bell and Ross got the balance right, not too dressy not too ''tool like''.

On the wrist

I wore the BR05 Copper Brown for a full week and it didn’t disappoint, the thickens is one of the key elements here at 10.3mm, it just sits so well and fits my 6.25 inch wrist like a charm, the wearing experience is different when you compared it to the rubber strap one, the bracelet feels great and tappers perfectly, love the contrast with the brushed/polished surfaces, they create an aura of sophistication that really makes that integrated feel unique. The BR05 Cooper Brown really feels a cohesive piece in terms of watch design, the edges are crafted to perfection, and it has so many different angles you can appreciate, that sometimes I got lost while taking the photos. Despite not being a neutral colour, on the wrist the BR05 Cooper Brown is easy to pull at the office or commuting to work, it feels like a solid choice for everyday wear, I think is a must addition to any collector who wants a pick up and go watch for a casual elegant lifestyle.


This is a watch that I was expecting to see inside the Bell and Ross catalogue, to me the dial and the case work great as one, in fact as soon as I think that I manage to capture the dial in its entirety, I turn around and see another angle that I did not notice, it is that dynamic. In a world of salmon dials and integrated bracelets the BR05 Copper Brown offers a mix of both with a great price, so it really ticks all the boxes. I think is the first review from Bell and Ross where the aviation theme is not mentioned but then, this another angle that escaped from me, the BR05 line does that to you, it is diverse but keeping the heritage without overpowering the watch, this is why it really makes sense as an everyday companion, how about that green now please?

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