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A different approach, a different chronograph – The Meraud Antigua

I am not a chronograph person, for some reason I don’t use them as much as I should and there is a main reason, they are usually thick, expensive and I am still not sure about the aesthetics, sure there are classics and elegant solutions, but unlike other watches, the chronographs are always a bit out of place, they have a purpose, so they are a tool watch but they are delicate and complicated, whatever the reason is, I’ve never looked at a chronograph with the same eyes as I do for other pieces, that is until now. I got the chance of revieing the Meraud Antigua and I got converted, is a watch that performs as good as it looks, they kindly send us both the black and white model and I have to say if they weren’t sold out, I would really had a hard time to decide which one to buy.

Coming back to the watch, the reason why the Antigua makes me a chronograph person is because it ticks all the boxes that I want, is very thin, it has a movement that shows the beauties of the watch mechanics and it’s a sporty piece that can be worn in several situations. Meraud is a company which is relatively new but they came out with a bang, their quality, finishing and materials are unheard of at this price point, they also respect the basic of us watch nerds, no date, symmetry and a touch of play without making the watch feel like a toy, let’s begin on what to me is one of the coolest offers of the year.

The specifications

The Meraud Antigua as mentioned comes in two configurations, a white creamy dial and a jet glossy black, out of the 2 I am not sure which one I like the most, the white one is classy and has this Caribbean Sea vibe which I adore, and the black looks… well just good looking. The case is 40mm but because of the sapphire bezel it makes the Antigua wear smaller, I love the fact that everything matches, from the lollipop chronograph hand to the markers, the subtle brownish color really makes wonders to the overall composition. The regatta sub counter is a nod to aquatic sports while the seconds indicator looks a bit like a compass in a lovely baby blue, it is the first time I see this detail on a watch, and it look spot on, I really like it. One of the reasons why I don’t usually like chronographs is because they are very busy, but here Meraud only added two lines of text and no date, perfection in my eyes.

The movement is something to celebrate too, a manual wind Landeron 248 new old stock that has as many curves as a spaghetti plate, it has been serviced/restored and boy it performs, I also like the quirkiness that has with the pushers, the Landeron movement stops and resets with the lower one. The Antigua is also 100 meters of water resistance, at the beginning I wasn’t convinced on having a manual wind watch with a screw down crown, it thought it was going to make my life harder but in reality, I felt safer than just a push crown, it makes sense.

On the wrist

The watch wears like a dream and this is because there is no rotor, making the case only 13.5mm thick, the lug to lug which is under 49mm makes the Antigua hug your wrist. Another touch of excellence is that the watch comes with a Molquin strap which oozes quality, well made, very soft and with a color that matches both dials. For those who enjoy a bracelet Meraud gives you the option too, I think the strap looks great, but I will not shy away for some extra metal. I wore the Antigua at the office and at a casual dinner, it performs admirably, I had many complements from it, and this is because it looks like no other watch, an original design that gives joy to the wearer.


I think the Meraud Antigua is a watch that is very approachable, too approachable I might add as they are all sold out, why will I write about a watch that is not available you might think? Well, it just made me understand the brand better, what it might bring in the future, I love the design language mixed with the history of the new old stock movements, usually new watch brands do a similar existing design and put a generic movement, I am not saying that this is bad approach but making something special takes that extra layer of quality and this is something I really respect. If you want to know more about Meraud, please stayed tuned, the future looks bright and even if you are not one of lucky ones to enjoy the Antigua, I am sure that the upcoming offers will be as good as this one.

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40MM (diameter) X 48,6MM (lug to lug)


THICKNESS : 13.5MM (Glasses included)






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