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A diver with a ceramic twist - Bell and Ross BR03 92 Diver Military

Ceramic has caught my attention lately, well, let me rephrase that, I am obsessed with ceramic watches, there I said it. Ceramic makes so much sense on a tool watch, but it has big downsize, is harder to machine and of course more expensive, these 2 variables take a toll on the final price but, if you go past that, you really have a watch that can really last a lifetime. For example, gold is soft, beautiful but you do have to be careful, titanium is hard and light, should be a winner but in a luxury environment lightness gives the user a feel of a ‘’cheap’’ watch, therefore steel is king these days.

So, what can ceramic bring to the table? Depending on the finishing steel is going to look a bit used but this is not the case for ceramic, it is almost un-scratchable, it has that luxurious weigh and with a matte finish like our Diver Military from Bell and Ross, it just makes things perfect. When I first tried the BR03 case (it was another model) it felt big but never out of place, I have been wearing sub 40mm watches lately so this one is a depart from the norm, maybe is because is all black or perhaps is the tool look but I really enjoyed my time with it. Bell and Ross is a brand that really bring something different to the table and the Diver Military is no exception, yes it has all the characteristics of an ISO certified diver but stands out like a real instrument and I mean that in a good way, looks tactical but is not crude in any sense, here below you can understand why I liked so much.

The specifications:

The BR03 family has to my eyes (and wrist) the most wearable case from Bell and Ross, is a perfect square measuring 42mm across and 42mm without the lugs, it just fits nicely in my 6.25-inch wrist, yes is big but it supposed to be. The case is a work of art, is so well made that makes hard to just paying double for other brands like Tudor or even Panerai, the matte finish is flawless, a joy to wear. The ceramic bezel (of course) feels great when turning and give no play as it should be and with a well applied and strong lume. The green dial completes the tool look, the black hands provide great contrast and under macro you can really appreciate the excellent finish. The watch is powered by calibre BR-CAL.302 which is a modified Sellitta SW300-1, its robust and reliable and keeping the price down so you can enjoy what matters, I am not saying that the Diver Military is inexpensive by any means but a ceramic case with this level of details is a bargain compared with what other brands are offering.

On the wrist:

The BR03 92 Diver Military wears extremely well but this is not by luck, with the dimensions shown above you can imagine that the watch falls complete flat on the wrist, and it does, it is incredible how much a round watch moves while you are wearing it, the B&R case really sits nicely and doesn’t move at all. The rubber strap which is beautifully made snugs the sides of the wrist like nothing I wore before, lets you breathe but it also adds class to the overall wear of the watch. I love how the crown guard design makes the watch look like an emergency artefact, it displays the word: ''lock'' together with an arrow, then you have the 4 screws on each corner of the case, as I mentioned so many details and so well executed. The lume is great, last very long and is very bright, I did not go diving with the watch, but I can imagine that it really gets the job done.


The honest conclusion is that now I need a ceramic watch and Bell and Ross is on top on the list not because I am writing about them or I got to spend time with the Military Diver but is up there because all that it offers: value, reliability and refinement, these are boxes that you can tick with several watches but it is great that you

can do it with just one. I already have a diver in my collection so the Military Diver might not be the one that makes it to my box, but I am sure that with the variety of pieces that are offered with this case, I will have no trouble on finding one, perhaps the BR03 92 Phantom is the one for me. This watch is for everyone that really likes a tool watch look and do not want the typical 42mm diver, it stands out but in a good way, the Military Diver is a luxury product you can wear every day

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