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A purple dial that looks like no other – The Fears Brunswick Jubilee

Colours, not divers nor GMTs but colours, this for me was the trend in 2021 and 2022. Almost every brand included lively palettes of their iconic watches, and if I have to be honest, this is the best trend I could think of, yes of course some people think is a lazy marketing exercise but at least we get to spot the differences between similar models, it is not just a size difference. Going with the same theme, there has been some great colours going around, the watch world has gone crazy for the Tiffany blue but to me a purple dial is the most exciting one, let’s take for example the Rolex red grape or the Formex Field Ultraviolet, both of these watches look incredible and pave the way for dressier pieces like the Fears Brunswick Jubilee. With the Jubilee Edition of the Brunswick, we get the same case design that we love and are used to, but we now have a brushed Royal Purple dial which shines to perfection, black without any light but it comes to play when the sun hits any part of it. What I love about these new colour waves is that in 2022 (now 2023) is that you can wear it with anything you want, long gone are those strict dress codes where a classic time piece can only be used in formal occasions or a blue dial is considered a summer piece, in other words, purple is in.

The specifications

The Brunswick Jubilee as mentioned, enjoys the classic cushion shape case that made Fears famous back in 1924, the curves and angles really make this watch elegant, but it can be versatile too, just add a nato strap and it would look like a military vintage piece in no time, the case really reminds me as a baby Radiomir from Panerai at 38mm, it is timeless. The Brunswick is nicely thin at 11.25mm but it has that presence that a smaller watch needs, easy to wear and use in almost every occasion. The start of the show and the reason of this limited edition is the dial, a beautiful purple radiant face made in Germany, it is finished to perfection including the skeletonized Fears hands, raised numerals which are rhodium polished and a sub seconds dial at 6 o clock, you might think there is a lot going on, but the Brunswick is well restrained, is elegant but shouts when it needs to. Inside the watch you can find an ETA 7001 which is controlled by the onion shaped crown, this choice gives the watch reliability and that old school feeling of a manual wind piece, they make you interact with it, and is a pleasure to do so.

On the wrist

Being a cushion case, the Brunswick sits to perfection on my 6.25 inch wrist, it wears as a 38mm watch and with that lug to lug of 42mm, it just fits. This particular Fears comes with 2 straps, the Royal Purple which is hand made at Britain’s oldest vegetable tannery, Thomas Ware & Sons of Bristol, it feels luxurious and completes that full purple look. The second one is also handmade but this time from Barenia leather in Pewter Grey, it has a more subdue look and really makes that dial shine on its own. The contrast of the dial is perfect, legibility is assured with those big numerals and the seconds subdial appears when you need it but the rest of the time blends very well with the overall design of the watch, there is no lume of course but with the smallest ray of light, the dial come to live almost instantaneously.


This is a case that I already knew and loved so when they decided to paired it with a great colour and occasion, to me it is a winner, the Brunswick being a Jubilee Edition watch, will be available to purchase until midnight 31st December 2022, maybe this review is coming a bit late but that doesn’t mean you should try to phone Fears and try to make it happen, it is really that good. I have seen Fears expanding its offering and really cement themselves as the go to British brands nowadays, with a great case shape, perfect built quality and provenance of the materials used, I think the future looks bright for them, I cannot wait to get my hands on other pieces they have available.

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