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A tale of 2 dials – the Nomos Club Sport and the New Nomos Club Campus Electric Green

Colour changes can be powerful, they can make a watch design blend in the right situation, a black dial looks elegant and sleek while a grainy white can feel summery, light and easy to use. Both can have the same basic function but sometimes there is so much to play with a design that it can really fell like a new watch. The only issue you can encounter is that dial changes can feel a bit lazy, a bezel with a different colour or a new strap, this is why these types of improvements have to be to be done by someone who understand design, a watch house that not only has a defined aesthetic but also brings attention to detail to the table, who better than Nomos Glashutte? Nomos came to the scene in 1990 and has been doing the watchmaking business the right way, they started with clean lines and a simple approach to watches while they managed to concentrate on developing their first calibre: the Alpha.

Once this milestone was reached then they started to experiment with colours, shapes and Bauhaus aesthetics in their Berlin offices (which is where their design studio is) , from light blues, to bright yellows, Nomos has been playing with every centimetres of their watches to always offer a fresh approach, and this time we have 2 beautiful dial that are very similar but very different at the same time. The club range is one of the most approachable and easy to wear watches that Nomos produce, the face is powered by a reverse California dial, romans at the bottom half and Arabic ones at the top and a sub seconds sub dial at six, 3 simple elements that really make the Club Campus stand out. There are many different versions but luckily today we have 2 of the best ones, the beautiful Club Sport Neomatik and the new Club Campus Electric Green, 2 different approaches to a similar design, lets begin.

A true steel sports watch – The Club Sport Neomatik Polar

In a world where people are obsessed with blue steel sports watches, this to me is one of the best I’ve tested so far, the proportions are perfect at 37mm with a magnificent thinness of only 8.4mm. The dial has an incredible blue sunburst with beautiful white lettering (no reverse California dial) with the word ‘Neomatik’ in gold, pure class. To me the real party happens at the back, the dial is unique and the comfort with the new bracelet is unparallel for a Nomos, but the DW3001 in house movement movement was made to be seen, the architecture is nicely layout with a full balance bridge adding the Nomos swing system with a blue tempered balance spring, technology that not only can be found in watches that cost 3x the price, but also a technology developed by Nomos.

The watch is easy to wear because is simple but by no means boring, the dial changes with the light, it can be worn in almost every occasion and is not your typical layout, the legibility is assured with the use of blue SuperLuminova. It is the perfect watch for summer, the right watch for the office and the one that you will proudly wear on the weekends, in a nutshell it is a one watch collection.

So retro, so 80’s – The Club Campus Electric Green

If you are like me, if you love retro/modern design I think you are going to love this watch, the New Club Campus in Electric Green has all the ingredients to be that fun watch you cannot take out, is a tad bigger than the Club Sport at 38mm but not by much, the thinness is another strong point at the same 8.4mm, the calibre is the classic Alpha, the first in house movement that Nomos produced, it has a 3 quarter plate and no rotor, just a manual wind engine that keeps the Club Campus alive.

This time we will focus on that dial, it is indeed electric, the grainy shade looks like no other green I’ve seen on my wrist, is not dark but is not ultra-bright, the neon orange hand completes that retro look adding a touch of 80’s nostalgia without feeling like a toy. This is a watch that is coming out at the right time, its perfect for the sun, for the summer. The watch gives this positive vibe that other watches simply cannot offer, the simplicity of the manual calibre also gives ease of use and maintenance, a piece that you can wear without thinking much, I call it a grab and go, no date no fuss. The new Club Campus will also come in Cream Coral, it would be a smash hit. A dynamic duo.


There are 2 ways of looking at these watches, but however you decide to use them they can really tick all the boxes you want on an everyday watch, a reliable in-house calibre with a unique design that doesn’t get confused by anything else, sounds simple right? Well, is the result of hard work, unique approach, and great design. Remember that the Club range is just one of the many offerings that Nomos currently have, from the high-end Lambda collection to the iconic Tangente, they all offer something different without forgetting their aesthetics. What I also like about the brand is that is recognizable among watch enthusiast, it’s a watch that says a lot about you, and only good things.


Nomos Electric Green

Diameter 38.5 mm Height 8.5 mm Lug-to-lug 48.9 mm

Caliber Alpha

100 Meters Water resistance

Nomos Club Sport Polar

diameter 37.0 mm height 8.4 mm lug-to-lug 47.7 mm

Caliber DUW3001

200 Meters Water resistance

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