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Hands on: The R. London Antares

With digitalization, AI and rapid pace, everything has become mass produced. From ideas, products and food, automatization is all around us. For us, as consumers, it is not an entirely bad thing, the cost of goods comes down and we enjoy more variety than ever.

The real problem is when it comes to luxury items or objects that we do not need (we say ‘’problem’’ but is not as drastic as it sounds). With all of this mass production, cars become similar, houses start look the same and of course, watches lose their charm.

That is not to say that artisanal handmade watches are not available, they are. But the costs are quite high. Here is where a Wimbledon Watches satisfies a corner of your luxury wish list.

Wimbledon Watches is trying a new approach with their R.Day Antares. A watch that takes inspiration in the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius. A very niche inspiration indeed, but Richard, the owner used to make telescopes before venturing into timepieces, a true passionate craftsman.

With this background the Antares was born. The case is unique, and I do not only mean the shape as each of them are made by hand. It is a project that oozes quality and attention to detail. Join us to discover more what a luxury item feels like.

The Specification

The case of the Antares measures 40mm excluding the crown. It does have a large lug to lug of 52mm but I think it looks well on my 6.25 inch wrist. I am used to large watches, but this is somewhere in between. I still cannot associate the shape of the watch with anything else, at some point I looked like a ‘’X’’ shaped electric guitar, but it also has this medieval spear tip resemblance, as I mention I cannot put my finger on the design, but I like it.

The brass case is a perfect choice, it will make the Antares age nicely. As you can see in the photos, the raw nature of the material matches well with the tool like approach.

The silver concentric pattern dial contrasts with the warmth of the case. It is extremely legible as there is nothing detracting you from telling the time. A seconds hand is floating at 4:30 and it feels cohesive. The hour and minute hand complete an austere look that we truly enjoy, less is more.

The hands and movements are sourced elsewhere, just like the sapphire glass. And it is understandable as there are plenty reliable parts in the market that can add charm to the Antares. It does not need to be a mountain to climb when it comes to put a watch together but it’s good that it keeps the bespoke nature.

The watch runs over a Miyota 8245 which add that sub second complication. It is a workhorse that performs well. I would say that a manual movement would also suit the bare nature of the Antares, who knows, maybe in the future?

The watch is not considered to be water resistance but it has been pressure tested so you can be sure while operating the black crown, that the watch will remain safe.

On the wrist

As mentioned, the watch has unconventional measurements, it is large but is not big. Coming to the thickness, the watch is 13mm. It is not thick or thin which is a good thing. The lugs are straight and with 20mm lug width. It is supplied with a handmade leather strap also sourced from the UK, very soft and comfortable. I was eager to see how it felt on a nato strap, but I think I will be doing a disservice to the Antares, I really enjoy its brutalist medieval look.

The watch has a steel case back and with an engraved number, also this avoid any stains to the arm while you are wearing it, brass has this peculiarity.

In the pictures the watch might look heavy, but it is not. It has presence and that is a good thing. Trust me as soon as you give it a glance, you will remember that it is there. It has that effect.

Of course, without markers it is harder to tell the exact time or set it properly, but I believe this is part of the fun, it is a precision instrument, but it is also a conversation piece. The fact that the dial remains uncluttered avoiding markers and minute tracks, it is something I enjoy, it provides a relaxation feeling.


As you can tell the experience of the Antares was very positive. When we think of luxury items, we think about expensive goods. But to me true luxury is something unique and overbuilt, regardless of the price. Not because something is expensive means that it is luxurious.

Having a one of a kind watch which has been handmade and assembled, it is something that we do not get to experience daily, especially in the sub 1000 GBP bracket.

The Antares is a watch that is made for a watch enthusiast, a unique piece that will age every time you wear it, and I am sure that you will not find many out there, isn’t that what true luxury means?

The R. London Antares is 850 GBP plus shipping. More information at

Technical Specifications

  • Case material: Brass

  • Case back material: Stainless Steel

  • Miyota 8245 Automatic movement with small seconds complication

  • 40mm diameter (excluding crown)

  • 52mm lug to lug

  • 13mm tall

  • Leather strap

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