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An everyday traveller - The Batavi Geograaf GMT

GMT, world timers and time zone watches are a very hot category at the moment, well it has been since Rolex

decided to put a bi-color ceramic bezel and after that, we never looked back. That said, most people think that a dual time zone watch could be the best complication to be had, those late phone calls made by mistake are no longer a problem, but is this beloved complication is it too much for an everyday watch? I agree that having an only time mechanical watch has its advantages, you wake up, wind it, set it and go, yes to the average guy that sounds like a lot of trouble already but, there is something about understanding a travellers watch that makes you appreciate the hobby even more. The Batavi Geograaf GMT has best of both worlds, is easy to set and doesn’t have a date, but with the internal rotating bezel (which is very cool) we can have a third time zone at a glance, complicated and perfect, let's start on what I loved about this refreshing piece.

The specifications:

The Geograaf strength like other Batavi models is their design, nothing looks like is coming from another watch nor brand, the specs are conservative which in this current watch world is a good thing. The case is 39mm and from lug to lug 48mm, the white dial might suggest that the piece is bigger but when is on the wrist it really wears as a true 39mm piece. The dial is very classy, the shades of pink for the GMT time zone are imposing but as said, elegant. The dial is clean and has a mate texture which add a bit of tool like appearance but make no mistake this is a watch that can be pulled with a suit and causa clothes. The watch has a 3rd time zone that can be set by an internal rotating bezel, talking about useful complications, this really adds another level to the Geograaf.

Inside the watch is a Swiss Automatic Soprod C125 which can be viewed via the sapphire caseback, very nice decorations on the rotor and main plate, it adds a touch of finishing that can be appreciate it at this price point.

On the wrist:

The Geograaf GMT is amazing on the wrist, the 13mm thickness means that you have presence but is also easy to wear, is not to heavy or light, to me I would say it feels right. The Legibility is what really impresses me, why? Well it can display 3 time zones and for some reason it doesn’t feel cluttered, the syringe hands are long and legible and when the night hits the watch, the lume is powerful and lasting, all you need from a traveller piece. You can also appreciate tons of tiny details on the watch, like the moon and son on the rotating GMT disc, the seconds hands that stretches all the way to internal bezel for exact legibility. Under the macro everything looks even better, perfect printing and no foreign materials on the dial, the quality control from Batavi is one of the best I've seen so far at this price range. The bracelet is well done and it looks integrated, but it is an H link design which looks very modern, is sturdy and comfortable on the wrist, no hair pulls, thanks Batavi.


This is the first watch I reviewed from Batavi although I have been talking with the man for a bit, their Kosmopoliet GMT with no date and sandwich dial was incredible, unique colours and proposition, this new Geograaf feels more refined and a great evolution to a watch that is really grabbing the attention inside the micro brand movement . The Geograaf would be launched via Kickstarter and there are some lovely variation colours, there is a grey with orange and blue accent that really has my name on it, I am sure they will be sold out in no time and I am happy for the brand because not only is a great watch but also a unique proposition.

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