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Exotic materials at an unbelievable price – The RZE Resolute Carbon

People keep asking me why I am so hung up on independent brands, and the reason is simple: innovation. Mainstream watches are very predictable, sure they are very well made and you do get the prestige/heritage of the brand, but in my experience, very little innovation, this is because the majority of these brands are owned by groups and stakeholders need to be content, with this in mind, every launch is carefully put together and trying to maximize sales, if you take all these elements out from the equation, independent brands can basically do whatever they want, they have to try and have a great design to lure customers to buy their products, but even if they are bound by their clientele, their freedom for design and in the case of RZE, is the choice of materials. RZE is well known in the watch world because of their use of titanium and unique cases, the Resolute Carbon is to me the pinnacle of the offerings from RZE, it is what they do best mixing their expertise with titanium and, as the name suggest they started to work with carbon fibre, making that dial to look like nothing else offered, I spent a couple of weeks with this watch and it has won me over, let’s begin on the reasons why.

The specifications

The Resolute Carbon case is 40mm and the great thing about the design is the 46mm lug to lug, making the watch wears easy and flat on my 6.25 inch wrist, the case is made of titanium with UltraHex coating to make it more scratch resistant, I wore the Resolute Carbon every day and I cannot spot a hairline on this case. The dial is a real beauty, is made of forged carbon and has applied indices with Swiss Super-LumiNova, if you stare at the dial as I have done for the past week, it reminds you to a mix of paint inside a bucket, looks liquid and it has a unique pattern for every dial, hopefully the macro shots show you what I am talking about. Under the hood we have a reliable Miyota 90S5 automatic movement making the watch even lighter, it's all part of this great package which also I might add, includes 100 meters of water resistance.

On the wrist

Light, that is the first word that comes to m mind, the resolute carbon weights 60 grams, this is without the optional titanium bracelet which I would highly recommend. The Resolute Carbon really hits the mark when it comes to an everyday watch, it is thin under 11mm, 10.5 to be exact, and then is legible either night or day, it has no date which adds not only to the symmetry of the dial but also makes it a pick and go piece, no setting, no delays, just a quick wind, which is something we all watch addicts appreciate. The watch comes on canvas military green strap, the tapering is good, very good but it can also take a beating, really enjoy the vibe that gives to the piece and of course it comes with a titanium buckle, attention to detail which is appreciated.


What is an everyday watch? Is it a watch you can take on a trip? Or maybe on a sport activity, perhaps you want to go out at night and use it as well without looking out of place? Well, I believe RZE have created the Resolute Carbon with all these questions in mind, it really ticks the boxes, and I haven’t got to the price yet which starts at 549 USD with the canvas strap add another 100 USD and you can enjoy one of the best full titanium bracelets in the market, solid and give a new vibe to your Resolute. It is a pleasure to wear and photograph, the only issue that you might encounter is the variety of colors that are offered, I am sure there is at least one for you, the yellow looks incredible.

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