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Hands on the Adley FIXI- T1

Something that I have enjoyed this year is the variety of design and ideas that are coming from independents. We still see the classic diver attempt that looks very similar to plenty offers in the market. But we can also find watches that can really turn your head and make you think: ‘’ where did this came from?’’.

It was a similar case when we first encounter Adley’s watches. We briefly saw them at World Time UK and we were impressed on their originality. Adley watches are inspired by competition bicycles. I am sure you might be thinking that it would be a very in your face design looking a bit ‘’gimmicky’’, but it is not.

Their main release is the FIXI- T1. A round conical case that looks like no other watch I’ve review so far. And for us, it would be a miss not to try something so different.

This is the main reason why I had to get my hands on them. The quality is there together with the bicycle design cues. I really wanted to photograph these unique pieces, hopefully the review and photos will make justice to the proposition. Let’s begin.

The specifications

The FIXI T1 is 40mm. The lugs are very short, so it wears true to its size. The conical case helps to creates a proportioned design, which also happens to be very symmetrical. For our review we got to try the 3 main varieties of the watch. All of them avoid any date function or complications. The 3 hands sit on top of a bike rim motif and if you look at the watch from the side, the FIXI T1 looks like a bike wheel.

The finishing of the cases varies depending on the model chosen. All of them have matte texture, it provides the FIXI T1 a more tool like appearance. At the end, this is what the watch is aiming for: an everyday sports watch.

The dial is separated by a concentric rail track where we can find the applied indices. At the matte centre of the dial, we can find the fixed wheel, it is a design choice with no other purpose, but I think it completes the theme of the FIXI T1. The double domed sapphire crystal is treated with anti-reflective coating, keeping the dial very crisp.

The hexagonal crown at 12 looks like a high-end bike air cap, it matches the case finish and makes the winding easier given its shape.

The movement inside is a NH35 with hacking seconds capability. It works well and keeps the cost down which is helpful as there is a great amount of unique design on the watch. At the back of the case, you can find a nice engraving of a bicycle, keeps the case flushed and a gentle reminder for the origins of the brand.

The FIXI T1 has a push down crown and a water resistance of 100 meters.

On the Wrist

The FIXI T1 wears well on my 6.25-inch wrist. That flat caseback and the conical shape makes the watch to sit well. All of this is helped by the rubber strap that the watch is supplied with, they all match dial adding a sportive touch.

I wore the FIXI T1 while doing exercise and of course, riding a bike. It feels at home when it comes to outdoor activities. It is very light which also adds to the overall comfort but that doesn’t mean it feels out of place in a more causal environment, it is a conversation starter.

Another point that stands out was the already mentioned symmetry, it is welcomed as it gives a cleaner design. It is not a project where they want to pack all possible complications, it feels that is a project where Adley managed to subtract elements but enhance the built quality of the watch.

The FIXI T1 is available in Midnight Black, Champion White and Twilight Grey. We spend quite a bit of time with the latter but each one of them have a personality of their own.


I imagine it must have been quite hard to translate the designs elements of a bicycle into a watch. But, even if as hobbies they feel miles apart, there are plenty similarities from the materials used to the precision engineering required. We believe that is why the FIXI T1 works so well, it has a different charm about it but it is still a functional tool watch that bridges two complete different worlds.

The FIXI T1 is available at 380 GBP regardless of the version.

For more information, please visit

Technical Specifications

Water resistance: 10 atm

Crystal: Double domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating

Diameter: 40mm excluding crown

Movement: NH35 automatic movement + Hacking function

Height: 13.5mm

Caseback: Screw down solid caseback

Case material: 316L stainless steel / PVD coating

Dial: Applied indices with Swiss Super LumiNova


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