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We all evolve, that is key in the watch industry. Have a concise plan and execute it despite of macro-economic downturns is something that not many brands achieve. But we believe that after almost 14 years in the business, Geckota could be the high-quality entry-level brand to truly enjoy.

Watch collecting for us did not start with a Rolex or a Patek Philippe. It started with something intriguing. Something that look good with certain type of clothes. Then, we evolved to something much nicer, a Seiko or with unlimited budget a Tag Heuer. They were the ultimate expression of coolness. But 14 years ago, there were no independent micro brands, nothing with good quality at a good price, in other words, nothing was made for a true watch geek.

All of the above is why we like Geckota. It brings many options for watch collectors, a great gateway for those who are starting in the hobby. They are not trying to copy designs, but what they are trying to do is to bring is well proportioned watches that perform without breaking the bank.

Let’s have a look.

How it all begins?

Geckota as a brand founded almost a decade and a half. With good ideas and an enthusiasm, the brands brought designs to the market that we feel are worth for attention. The one that started all was the Geckota K-01, a ‘’flieger’’ style watch which included a sterile dial, ghost centre hands and several revisions over the years. It was an instant hit and those who were opting for more expensive and refined Pilot watches, were in for a surprise.

As a clear evolution, the brand has now ventured to their Forzo range. They are inspired by racing chronograph from the 70’s with vivid colours and a mechanical feel. Lastly, this year, they have developed the new Ocean Scout range which is a call of classic divers with a twist, we will look at them more in depth below.

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